House Vizsla had a good run prior to the events of the Mandalorian Union's cowardice. From leading the Nite Owls in the civil war against Apollyon The Betrayer and her Sith-aligned insurgents, Building a proud fortress on the planet Roon and rebuilding their fallen clan, To the recognition it earned them within circles such as the Enclave or the Death Watch Crusade.

But when their unionist patrons turned their backs on Mandalore, House Vizsla was left to fend for itself once again among the hungering stars.
Aligning with the Death Watch Crusade to purge mandalore of it's sith inhabitants once and for all, They brought fire and zeal where the Union had been complacent, But paid for it dearly. Seeking to end the war against Apollyon once and for all, The very war that had crippled the union's economy until there was no union left to stand against her, Aloy Vizsla, Alor of all House Vizsla, Chose to chase down Apollyon and slay the traitor with her own hands.

Even with the assistance of Death Watch however, The trickster was too crafty for these honor-bound warriors, And those close to Aloy were captured.

A rescue mission was mounted, Taking House Vizsla to the depths of Coruscant in search of their query, And leading to the rescue of many Vizslas and rogue union assets alike. But in order to save them, Aloy Vizsla sacrificed herself to the clutches of Apollyon, Having been the traitor's true prey all along.

Now Tan'yill , The Alor's ever faithful wife and equal, Scours the planet in search of Aloy Vizsla and her traitorous captors. But what awaits her in the next chapter of the Vizsla Saga?


Somewhere on level 1313

"Do you remember why you're here?" Aloy heard a familiar voice in the dark. It was feminine and older than her own. At first it was comforting, Motherly almost, A welcome change to the eerie silence that had enveloped her in the dark. But then memory by memory, Context was given to that voice, And it's dark undertones were revealed.

"To... protect them" She coughed

"And what are you protecting them from?"

"From you...!"

The other woman merely sighed "No, Sweet girl. We both want the same thing... I only wish you could see it" She said mournfully.
On cue, The lights came on to reveal the metallic cell that Aloy was being held in.
Her bruised and cut form hanging by her wrists in some floating contraption, Her hands and ankles bound for an unknown but certainly uncomfortable amount of time.

Sitting across from her was Apollyon herself, Still clad in the crimson Tal'beskar the sith lords had outfitted her with, Sitting with one leg crossed over the other on an old chair right in front of Aloy. The mere sight of her cursed armor forcing the blue eyed Vizsla to flinch and look away.

"Mmm. So you do remember this armor. The fate that the sith reserved for the weakest of your brethren. But not you... Do you know why?"

"Spare me your questions, Witch-thrall. A dozen interrogations and you still haven't broken me..."

"And you never will."

But she was broken... The traitor could see it in her eyes. The way she refused to let them settle on her captor's face, That empty and sad blue that seemed to darken with each passing day. She was close. So close to breaking and seeing what she saw.
But more work must be done.

Apollyon's purple lips twisted into a fanged grin as she stood up, Caressing the short hair on the side of her prisoner's head.
"Have you not heard, Sweet girl? The witches are dead..."

Aloy's visage flicked upward for a brief moment, Hope, Excitement and confusion all evident within until she saw the Betrayer's smile.
"Oh yes, You see it don't you? The Sith Empire fell while you've been chained here. The revenge of mandalore is almost complete."

"But you have a new challenger. The New Imperial Order has taken the lifeless husk of Mandalore to themselves... The Enclave is the last shelter of your people... But they are not like you and I..."

"...What are you saying?"

Apollyon's grin grew even wider as she tilted the Vizsla's chin upwards so that their gaze may meet.
"They are not wolves, Vizsla. Not like us. Not like what you will become."

"No-" Aloy spat, Wrenching her face away "I am nothing like you!"

"You will be..." Apollyon frowned, Backing away from the uncooperative Vizsla. "All of you will be. You need only see what I see"

"And what do you see...? What do you want from me?"

"Freedom..." Her voice cracked, As if somewhere deep within, The Betrayer cried for help "Strength. And strength must be molded from the clay of weakness. But only if it is the right clay. I want that clay, Aloy. I want House Vizsla. I want the wolves of mandalore to rise from their dens scattered across this galaxy. I want to see it burn. I want them to march on mandalore and rise from the ashes stronger than these pretenders could ever promise!"

Aloy blinked. Apollyon was insane, But to her, A small part of her wanted to see that day. The day when Mandalorians needn't bow to foreign empires. A day when her people would be strong again. But she knew the truth of this future.
"You would see our people burn with you, To rise from those ashes... Only your chosen will be strong, And mandalore will slowly perish in it's own flames, Just like the union did..."

"My chosen." Apollyon closed her eyes, Smiling as she took a deep breath "Yes. Only the wolves among the sheep. Only those with the will to do what must be done, And then revel in the conquest"

"You're morbid perfectionism would see our people weakened by eternal strife, Not made strong in the crucible... We can't keep fighting the entire galaxy like this! We should be taking the fight to the sith remnants and rebuilding!" Aloy finally shouted, Her face turning as red as her hair at the Betrayer's plans.

"Oh we will take the fight to the sith. To all empires. And on the rubble we will build our own. I know you want this as much as I do, Vizsla! I know you want to see us have our revenge! Beneath that pretty face is the snapping maw of a wolf that was wronged by a galaxy that hates us."

Aloy sank back within herself. A part of her wanted just that. To see the galaxy that chewed her up and spat her back out burn and wither. But it was wrong. A base emotion from the ancient days of her people. She was better than this.

"You'll never sway them to your bloody cause... The day of Mand'alor is over, And you will never see the vote that sits you on the throne..."

Apollyon sighed as her eyes slowly flicked open, Glaring sidelong at the doorway before turning.
"I need no throne, Vizsla. I don't need you either, Remember that... I already have what I truly want from your home..."

"And what would that be...?"

"An old legend with some truth to it... I know where The Darksaber is... And with it, The wolves shall unite. I hope, I truly hope, That you choose to the right side, Aloy."

The lights went out, Followed by the tightening sliver that shone through the doorway as Apollyon left.
Aloy was alone again, With nothing but the darkness and her own clouded thoughts to keep her company.