The Wild Space Project is an ambitious undertaking originally conceived of in 2018 with the Creation of the Planet Sinkora IV. The Intent of the Wild Space Project is to fill in the empty hexes of Wild Space with a series of Custom Planets to provide additional locations and worlds for exploration, dominions, inspire stories and further a multitude of narratives with unique locations in an area of space that canonically is described as being charted with Hyperspace Lanes though otherwise left Unexplored.

Due to the sheer number of empty and partially filled Hexes in Wild Space on the Southern End of the Map; the Wild Space Project will be broken into Phases; with Phase I beginning with the submission of Enoch.

Phase I will consist of a total of 50 Planetary Submissions all of which will be located in Wild Space immediately South of the currently location of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

The First 50 planets of Phase I can be located HERE

Phase II and Phase III will follow once the first set of Planetary Submissions have been subbed and approved in the Codex. The number of Planets in Phase II and Phase III will depend on the direction that the Wild Space Project leans towards - Either to the West towards the current territory of the OPA or to the North-East on the Map.
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