Secluded, empty chamber where dust gathered for eons before the Jedi Praxeum set up here in the Unknown Regions was where I found solitude to finally attempt to explore the legendary Varanin holocron given to me by the enigmatic Mandalorian Ijaat Mereel. The holocron remained a myth in my mind until it was handed to me by Ijaat on Drexel a few months ago. Since then my time was always too short to dig into the mysterious holocron.
Until now...
I've stared at it for an hour now, if not more. Curiosity raked at me from within but its claws found only an impenetrable wall of fear. Indecision always seems to catch up to me at the most essential of times. How many sleepless nights plagued by visions did it take me before I returned from my self-imposed exile? How long did it take me to step up and gather Jedi together in a collective, to form this Praxeum? Never mind.
Tapping at it through the Force and my grasp seemed to fade away just before it could touch it. What knowledge did this holocron hold? How much could I learn from Ashin Varanin? How much would it all clash with my beliefs? Were my beliefs unbreakable? Was I ready to learn the contents of this vault?
So many questions and yet no answers.
I took the holocron in my hand and stared at it. Tossing myself into the ethereal completely, almost foolishly as I channeled the Force into the holocron-
--What do you want?--
The echo in my head startled me. A presence existing in a paradox between the planes of reality and beyond spoke into my mind. The tone of it made me imagine I had been knocking persistently on someone's door before they finally open it reluctantly with a snap.
I gathered myself as best as I could to reply before the Gatekeeper would rethink his decision and shut the gates close once more.
What did I want? What did I want?
"To learn more so I could help those who cannot help themselves." My own answer startled me. It came...out of somewhere within me beneath layers and locks. Was this my underlying belief, the core of which all my actions were based on?
It should be.