-Iron Giant

I apologize ahead of time for the fairly long post here, but at any rate, I'd like to discuss my little project with you.

You all, may, or may not know the Resu race. In fact, I’ll bet you don’t know them, and if you do, I haven’t told you everything about them. That would be the purpose of this blog. But before we begin, I would like to clear up any confusion with the audience first if anyone is looking at this and questioning, "What's a Resu?". Well I'll tell you right now with a link if you want a more detail explanation. But I figured that would be too much work for you to do and remember to come back and read what I have for you!

So, what is a Resu?

A Resu is an alien species of my creation (with some help of an awesome staff). You can make one too, here. However, you really need to think of everything for your race, and establish very fine lines, and incredible boundary's the tougher and better your race becomes. What I suggest is starting with weaknesses, and then make strengths that counter act them, that way you have a generally, very balanced finished product in the end. But what I found to be the most difficult in making an alien race, is establishing the history. Culture and biology are actually the easy part of the equation. Coming up with a time line of hundreds if not thousands of events and making them all worth something to be read is incredibly difficult. But there is a perk here that I just mentioned, you only have to list events that actually affect them in some way. So describing a pointless blood bath war that has no effect on today's matter is utterly useless, and unnecessary. Anyway, I've gotten side tracked a bit.

A Resu is a Silicon Fish from one of the moons of a massive gas giant, with a total of 121 moons, all collectively within the Imperial Confederacy of Resu (a collection of Emperors who all serve a Supreme Confederate, in other words he's the Executive in the Government, who carries out the motions suggested by the Council of Empires). With its entirely water world, the ice encrusted moon is distilled with Hydrogen gas (a byproduct of an exotic plant that grows near Thermal Vents on the moons ocean bottom). Volcanic vents are the basis for all of Resu Civilization, as a River was for Human Civilization. These fish evolved around these hot spots for millions of years, their ancestors obtaining two unique, and profoundly useful biological traits in this turbulent arctic moon.

Infrared sight gained through the light-less environment subjugated under a maelstrom of Infrared radiation from the volcanic vents below, slowly evolving into the sub-surface, semi-evolved eyes, that see beyond the protective flesh to sources of heat outside. This though, also made a form of communication that is subset to the interesting language these fish share: electrical impulses. Like electric eels, these fish have gained the ability to produce high currents of electricity, developed to both kill prey, and facilitate communication to other Resu and fish. This developed in a place where sound through water is garbled by currents of incredible speed.

But the rest and the evolution of all these traits, and possibly the entire ecosystem shall be delved into deeper as well as a variety of other things. More specifically, the culture of the Resu, the Lore, if you will. I will discuss some of the most famous family’s in history, and the greatest wide spread vendetta’s, as well as some of the most common creation myth’s, and alien morals of the Resu.

Stay tuned!