A week ago, I got into a little game called EVE Online. After reading Popo's blog on it, I decided to give it a shot. I downloaded the game and got in. The character creation was awesome, but a little hopeless because you hardly see yourself. After spending an hour on that I got into the game. I was so confused at first, but I started to understand how to play after some of the tutorial missions.

Popo, who is an awesome guy, gave me 10 million ISK (the in-game currency) to start off, and an extra 30 days of in game time. Love that guy.

Eventually I got distracted from the tutorial missions, and did some Agent missions. An agent is an NPC who gives out tasks to do that correspond with a certain career. Anyways, I did a couple of those, and I was given a mining barge for completing one. That is when I went on the amazing journey of mining space rocks.

It took a long time to mine in my crappy ship, but I did it for awhile. Everything was fine and dandy, and I thought that I had found my calling when I got an Email that stated that I could join a corporation (faction) and they would teach me to do PvP and give me free ships. Free ships caught my eye and I joined up right away. They gave me 4 ships and 4 million ISK. They told me to go to Jita, which is has a lot of trade, and to buy skill books to help me out.

Getting there was fairly scary. Someone followed me for four jumps, and I thought as soon as I got to Low Sec (a lower number of police) I would be done for, but I eventually lost him. I got to Jita and bought my books. While I was there I also bought some stuff for my ships. In the end I had about 1.5 million ISK of stuff on me. Popo had told me right before I left the station to be careful, because even though Jita was High Sec, people can be dangerous there. It makes sense because people coming from the trade capital should have good stuff on them.

So I left, and then started to align to my destination when, not even 5 seconds after leaving the station, my screen turned white and my ship blew up. When this happened my capsule ejected, but before I even knew what had happened, they killed me. It actually was quite funny because of how off guard I was when it happened. I guess people die a lot in this game, so Ill have to get used to it I guess.

Maybe I'll go back to mining for a little bit. Popo said he would bye ore off of me if I did, so that's promising.