The Bothan Spynet


The Bothan Spynet has been one of the most important espionage organizations in galactic history. No other spy network in the galaxy could claim the level and expansion of what the Bothan Spynet once had. It was originally destroyed many years ago, but now with the help of a few loyal Bothans, the Spynet is back. The Spynet consists of hundreds of spies, informants and data collection droids that feed into a centralized command structure. Operatives of the Spynet use trade, bribery, espionage and observation. The Spynet seeks to obtain what it once had, the flux of information from every corner of the galaxy.

The Spynet also recruits non-Bothans and other sentient species. However, Bothans almost exclusively hold the highest ranking positions. Due to the organization basically being reborn in recent years, more agents are needed. Now, the hopeful forces of the galaxy must unite or all will perish. The Spynet is offering tier 1 membership to any member of the following factions; The Galactic Alliance, The Confederacy, The Outer Planets Alliance, The Silver Jedi Concord, and the New Imperial Order. Honorary memberships could be offered to allied Politicians, Senators, and several others.

The Spynet is crucial to helping the Galactic Alliance and the forces of good stave off the threat of the Sith, Eternal Empire, and more importantly the Bryn'adul. During these desperate times, information is the key more than ever.

If you are an operative or spy of the factions listed above, the Spynet is just the place for you!

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