It is common thought in the past few millennia that Democracy is the pinnacle of government; the summit of social welfare. Thus, many have fallen prey to its proclamations of absolute inerrancy of the public. The truth is that Democracy is beyond fallible. Its facetious, judgmental culture can be nearly as fatal as that of the fascist imperial state. That the will of the many can so easily be affected by the capital of the one is troubling, to say the least. In Democracy, the people may be slaves to themselves. For is the majority always in the right?
The response should be obvious. The arrogance of outright Democracy should only be considered for reproach. Democracy can only abide in a state of woeful stagnation or masochistic chaos. It knows nothing of benevolence or even the order of empires. It is an inevitable--albeit begrudgingly so--progression down a funnel that leads to the ultranationalism it haphazardly promotes in its subconscious motions. Democracy is Fascism--the wolf in sheep's clothing.
The Selectivist understands the dangers of structural autonomy in the sense that it betrays itself with endless division in class and in culture. It is an airspeeder with divergent repulsors. Such a vehicle would never be considered airworthy.
Selectivism at its roots defies this self-effacing spirit exposed in domineering Democracy and promotes a balance between the public and the private that shall carry the nation onward and devoid of situational divisiveness. Transcendence is not achieved without tarmac to guide it.

- Viola Tave
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