[background=The moon with a silvery rain,[/size]

[background=Velvet and air intertwined in light.[/size]

[background=Its gaze resting over a world,[/size]

[background=Unjudging and staring.[/size]

[background=The silvered light casting its embrace over stone and umbrage,[/size]

[background=Reflections cast back to its giver by the river next to the woods.[/size]

[background=Its admirers in Aivela’s embrace, or carried on Aos Si’s breath,[/size]

[background=Captivated and led by mother moon.[/size]

[background=A light among many, pulling at the blood of the earth,[/size]

[background=Acting like the world’s heart, bringing life to her admirers.[/size]

[background=Wiping clear shadows and fears,[/size]

[background=Crafting wonder and captivation.[/size]

[background=A patron of growth, and expansion.[/size]

[background=A patron of the traveler, beast and man.[/size]

[background=Her marvel worth worship and legend,[/size]

[background=Her beauty captivated in like visage,[/size]

[background=Those faces, veiled and shrouded by a dark night.[/size]