Log 12 - The Creation Of HAELI The AI

The Shadow Fists have come through on our deal, they sent a courier to me who was guarding the data. I now have the software that can be added to HAELI to give her the tools to complete her goals. I am one step closer to completing my goal.

The gang has also been able to obtain for me nearly all components required for HAELI's hardware, all but one anyway. A power source. I now have one of two options. 1) I channel the Force through a crystal to use that as a power source. Advantages: I can always easily re-charge it. Disadvantages: I do not know how to hook the crystal up to the current hardware and I don't know how long it will take me to do this process. I understand the theory thanks to the Holocron in my possession, but I have no idea on the practical front. Conclusion: I will leave this until I have more experience in the Force. 2) Steal technology from one of the technological companies on Nar Shaddaa. Advantage: A quick route. Disadvantages: The risk of being caught. Conclusion: My best choice, I will be going through with this plan. I will be required to hire the Shadow Fist again, as I do not have the skill to do this but I am running low on money. I think that it is time to go fight in the Arenas of Nar Shaddaa.