The Shadow Consumes the Light

The New Sith Order have faced defeat, and suffered tribulation after tribulation in the attempts to finally eradicate the light that threatens to burn all. Beaten but unbroken against the might of the Jedi, and all those that follow the will of Ashla the children of the Dark Voice rising from the ashes like a phoenix. With the rebirth of the New Sith under the mysterious influence of Darth Mori, the Sith seek to the darkest depths in order to crush what foes threaten to undo the grand design enacted by Solipsis long ago. Once the Sith were clinging to shadows, and now they ride the shifting tides darkness seeking redemption in the dark side hoping to one day strike back against the Light.

With the fall of Solipsis caused the cracks for the light to finally break through the Shadow. Under the rule of Darth Mori the Sith have mended the cracks of the burning light, and found a new purpose that comes with THE AGE OF HUNGER. To feed Mori's grand plan that threatens to consume the entire galaxy. With this path the Sith have found new meaning, banning together once more they retreat to the depths of darkness only to draw the light and ensnare it so that it may never shine brightly on the galaxy. Just as a wildfire threatens to consume peaceful forests the New Sith start to use the shadows to inflict damage from within. Returning to the roots of the Grand Plan the Sith would emerge victorious in the name of the Dark Voice and the Bogan.

The Sith have long suffered, fighting among countless enemies from both within and without. With the lure of the shadows, and the daggers that threaten to strike hidden against the wolves that dare drive them back. Only one thing remains for the Sith, only one rebirth under the vision of the dark voice. Only one shadow that would dare eclipse the sun that had threatened to burn them all. The Sith will achieve vengeance like no other through the secrets only the shadow would reveal.

The Dark Voice calls to you. Will you answer the hymn of darkness being sung? Will you become one with the enemy? Learn their secrets and use them in the name of the Sith? Will you dive deeper into the abyss to strike back?

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