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Name: Mirakure
Designation: Sentient
Homeworld: Eclipstica
Language: Basic, Vahla, Miralukese
Average Lifespan: 100 years
Estimated Population: There is only three of them in existence
Average height of adults: 1.8
Average length of adults: N/A
Skin color: Pale
Hair color: White
Distinctions: Apart from their typical Miraluka eyeless features, their bodies glow with fiery red, oranges, and yellows as they are acting vessels for Living Fire spirits of House Sin
Breathes: Type 1
+ The Living Fire spirits within them are capable of assisting in rituals
+ Low Level Pyrokinetics
+ Loyal only to Sins
- Cold weather hurts the Living Fire inside them if the conditions are extreme (Hoth weather) and causes them to become lethargic
- The Living Fire inside the vessels are not used to Modern days, should they not be warned of the new sites and senses coming their way, they will seizure, become violent, or even possible kill their host
- Should the vessels come into contact with e nexus of darkside energy not created by the Living Fire spirits, the body will be consumed in power, and go feral with madness
- If at any point the vessels begin to argue with the spirits inside them, the bond between the vessel and spirit will break, and the spirit will be lost (this can be caused by a taint of dark energy, giving the spirit the idea they can overthrow the head of the family and various other similar situations)
- Will not raise their hand in retaliation unless defending the children of Sins (this means any of the children with Sin blood in them, not just Romeo's kids)
Races: N/A
Diet: They can eat the same things as other Miraluka.
Communication: Telepathy
Culture: Servitude is all these beings know, cleaning house, preparing dinner, doing all the menial tasks that a royal family would not want to do. They are in charge of caring for House Sin when sickness ails them, and are sworn guardians over the children. They are taught in low levels in use of Pyrokinetics, and hold full knowledge of the doings of the House Sin leader. The Servants of Sin are regarded to be respected at all times, and any who would disrespect their servants are to be banished, killed, and everything else terrible that can be done.
Technology level: n/a
General behavior: Mirakure are quiet, background noise while things are happening in the house. They their duty without questioning, and know when and how to do them without being told. They are given brief training in Pyrokinetics to ensure a level of protection for the children of House Sin, and can be considered loving and caring, even sisterly/brotherly
History: During the times of Henkia Sin, Fire Witch of Sins, these beings were created by demand of Delrom, the head of the family. In this, he requested two Miraluka sisters and their brother be taken, and turned into the supreme servants of House Sin like no other. With this, the Fire Witch took three Miraluka sisters, and bound Living Fire spirits (considered to be ancestors of House Sin) and a drop of blood of the head family member was dropped into their eyes.
Through this ritual, the Ritual of Servitude, the siblings are made obedient forever. Brief training in the arts of fire control was given to them, as they were given the responsibility of only raising their hand in violence to fight for the children of the Sins.
It was not till Darth Geddon, Lord Crucix Sin, removed these beings from use. With the return of Romeo Sin, though, this has all changed.
The ritual requires that each sibling be fought, as the Living Fire spirits placed inside them go rampant and must be put into compliance so that they understand that Head Sin is the strongest of them all. After defeating the siblings, the Sin then may begin controlling the siblings. Should at anytime the siblings begin to falter as vessels due to the spirits becoming rowdy, the leader must bring them back to compliance, else be taken down by them.
Notable Player-Characters: N/A
Intent: To create house servants for House Sin. To try my hand at Sithspawn creations.