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Name: The Scarred
Designation: Non-Sentient
Homeworld: [Name of homeworld, and link to the thread for the homeworld if custom]
Language: N/A
Average height of adults: .4 Meters-.8 Meters at the shoulder
Skin color: Pale
Hair color: Black with White or Gray stripes
Breathes: Type I
  • Deadly tusks that excrete venom
  • Infrared transitional vision
  • Webbed paws makes them great swimmers
  • Retractable, sharp claws
  • Damage to venom glands can be fatal
    • ​Venom glands are external, located directly under the tusks
  • ​Heart Problems
    • ​Forced running for too long can cause heart failure
    • Birth defect: veins inside heart grow too large, strangling the heart
  • ​Fear of fire
  • Broken legs never heal correctly
  • Suffer from ingrown claws
  • Suffer from mange and other skin/fur diseases
  • Poor vision during the day
  • Mangey-looking pelt
  • Four eyes
  • Venomous tusks on both sides of the mouth
  • Short tail
  • Small, tight to the body mane
  • White or Gray stripes
Average Lifespan: 17-25 Years
Races: None
Estimated Population: [Is it common throughout the galaxy? Only found on a single world? Only being of its kind?]
Diet: [List common foods, what is poisonous]
Communication: [List common communication medium]
Culture: ​In Zanji culture, the Scarred are an abomination and pest animal. Thought to be created from the Dark God Seresh's bitterness as it fell from his prison in the stars they seen as the scourge of the land. Large hunts and purges are often organized when a pack's nest has been found as the Scarred hunt and kill Zanji livestock, pets and children. They are often kept in the company of the evil Witchdoctors and the Cannibals of the Bayou. Their name is used as an insult. To be called a Scarred or likened to one is the worst insult one can bear in Zanji culture. Since the planet has been opened to galactic trade the beasts have been captured and sold on the black market to mercenaries and space raider groups as viscous replacements to the expensive Vornskr.
Technology level: N/A
General behavior: Pack hunters by nature the Scarred live in large groups that range anywhere between fifteen and twenty. The pack is lead by an Alpha male who is the only one allowed to breed, however this does not cause issues in the gene pool as once ever five years a large gatherings of different packs occurs in very specific locations where pack males and females are allowed to mate with whoever they want. During the day the Scarred are often sleeping with one or two who stay awake to keep watch over the pack's nest. Nests are made in the canopies of forests or in secluded clearings. The species is nomadic and travels through several pre-established established nests and travel only at night. Food is shared equally throughout the pack, however if there is not enough none eat and instead they bring it back to the nest and leave it for another day until a hunt brings back enough to eat for all. In this way by outsiders it makes the Scarred out to be the most compassionate creatures on the deadly planet.

No where near the largest beast on the planet, the Scarred are considered to be prey by the larger species of big cat on the planet as well as the kaymen and rancor that populate the Bayou. They are the Zanji's evolutionary rival as the Zanji's incredible intolerance for any type of venom or poison makes them the perfect prey for the Scarred.
History: Believed by offworld historians and zoologists to be descended from the same species that gave rise to the Zanji, the Scarred have for the last few thousand years been hunted and killed by the native Zanji in an attempt to stop them from killing their livestock and children. Believed to be descended from the Dark God Saresh they have been treated as companions by the Cannibals and Witchdoctors while being seen as virulent enemies by other Zanji. Because the Zanji succumb to poison easily they are also believed to have been the Zanji's main predator and evolutionary rival. Today the increase in Scarred attacks on livestock and people is believed to be connected to Zanji modernization movement that is occurring throughout the civilized tribes of the planet which pushes their settlements and farmland into Scarred territory. Interestingly though, it is also encroaching on some of the larger predators' territory as well and while incidents with them are also increasing, incidents with large packs of the Scarred are far more common.
Notable Player-Characters: none