Name: [/color]Saeva Incorporated Mercenary Army
Intent: [/color]To Document the Saeva Incorporated Mercenary Army
Affiliation:[/color] Saeva Incorporated
Availability: [/color]Common
Quality: [/color]B
Type: [/color]General Army
Strength: [/color]60,000
Description: [/color]

Sons of Titan[/url], specially trained soldiers and combatants who had been specifically conditioned to serve as the primary military arm of the now defunct Titan Industries. Upon the supposed death of Alric Kuhn, CEO and head of Titan Industries at the time the Sons became incredibly disillusioned with Titan Industries itself, and under a specifically given command by their leader, Kiran Vess, most of the Sons underwent mental conditioning in order to break the mental bond that tied the Sons to Titan Industries. Of the one thousands Sons of Titan, only a fraction made it to their freedom.


SG-WD-01 ‘The Incapacitator’ - Heavy Stun Rifle
AI-Wrist Blaster - Wrist Mounted Blaster and Paddle Beam
Titan Tomahawk - Phrik Tomahawk
TS-1 Rifle - Re-purposed Verpine Sniper Rifle
SI-17 Stealth Blaster - Fires Completely Silent & Invisible Bolts
SI-74 Anti-Tank Rifle - Heavy Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle
VT-Needle Disruptor - A powerful disruptor that pierces all forms of armor including Phrik, Beskar, and Vonduun Crab Armor
OBL-0 Scout Drone - Scouting Droid
OBL-1 Attack Drone - Small Offensive Droid
OBL-2 Defense Drone - Small Shield Generator Droid
OBL-3 Hunter Drone - Large Offensive Droid
OBL-4 Sniper Drone - Long Range Offensive Droid


Saeva Incorporated Armor - Standard Issue Armor
Asheran Armorweave - Customizable Heavy Armorweave
SI-HD Armor - Holographic Disguise Armor
VT-Kinetic Impact Gel - Highly kinetic Resistant Underarmor
VT-Shark Skin - Highly Flexible Asheran Armorweave
HUD-G - Sunglasses With HUD
Grutch-Nul - Anti-FU Thrown Weapon
Saeva Directed Charge - Anti-Personnel Armor Blast Charge
Energy Bola - Stunning Thrown Weapon
VT-Grav Glove - Repulse Glove that Mimics Force Push/Pull
VT-Observation Satellite - A reconnaissance satellite launched from any ship to be used by ground troops
Hyperspace Drop Pod - Single Person Infiltration Pod
- Unarmed Interceptor


VT-Starhawk - A Well Armed Diplomatic Vessel
VT-Varactyl - Fast, highly modular, Escort Freighter
VT-Nephilim Class Corvette - A Heavily Armed Bounty Hunting Vessel
Colossus-Class Carrier - Deep Space Carrier
VT-Slith Class Frigate - Heavily Armed Fast Response Frigate
VT-Hellion Class Missile Cruiser - Heavily Armed Long Range Missile Cruiser