Image Source: Hellize on DeviantArt
Intent: Creation of an artifact made by Cerita
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Cerita Sarova
Model: N/A
Affiliation: Personal
Modularity: No
Production: Production[background=: [color=rgb(218,165,32)]Unique[/color][background= [/size]

Material: Alchemized steel, Alchemized Duinuogwuin bone
Classification: [background=rgb(30,30,30)]Dagger
Size:[background=rgb(30,30,30)] One-handed
Length:[background=rgb(30,30,30)] Average for a dagger.
Weight:[background=rgb(30,30,30)] Slightly heavier than average, because of Sith Alchemy's affect on the weight.

(+/-) Heals any wound it inflicts at the same time.
(-) Any pain it inflicts is transferred twice over to the wielder of the blade.
(+/-) Wielder must be completely willing to afflict hurt.
This artifact is something of an oddity. Crafted by Cerita Sarova it was as much a theoretical practice as a practical one, could an artifact be made that did both good and harm at the same time? The answer is yes, but at the same time a far more disturbing tool was created. Few people need to guess what a blade that can cut and heal at once might be used for by morally bankrupt individuals. Sarova herself realized this too. Not one to condone such acts she established new enchantments and spells onto the blade.
These restrictions are two-fold. First the blade does as much harm, if not more, to its wielder as it would to the subject itself - though a sufficient grounding in pain-management force techniques could make this less effective. To ensure nobody was coerced into handling the blade another magical fabric was woven into the steel. If the wielder was not completely willing to inflict bodily harm upon the subject than the edge of the blade would lose its sharpness and become entirely blunt.
Afterwhich the blade's edge has to be treated by alchemy once again, before it can be used effectively.
As such the knife has not been treated by traditional Sith Alchemy substances to ensure the edge never dulls, but it does retain a reversed polarity which allows for the grounding of Sith Lightning and an increased durability against lightsaber contact. Though considering it is a dagger and not a sword - making the effective blade edge relatively small, it would not be very effective for either of those goals anyway.
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