I hope you didn't come here looking for romance. There won't be any here as this is a fairly meta analysis of the relationship between the two and how I shaped them. (But yes, Veino does love her. Or used to. He may have changed now.)

First off, they are both two sides of the same coin. I originally viewed them both as humanitarians, although fueled by different causes. One by ideals and the other by compassion, with each one having an over abundance of their motivating factor. Veino is the empath who feels too much and is threatened by losing his identity in other's pain. He doesn't believe in very much anymore, but that does not stop him from working for a better galaxy for the inhabitants. Jeela, on the other hand, has very low empathy and very few emotions. She has an over abundance of ideas though. She knows with absolute certainty how everyone should live their life and why. She does not have the sensitivity to understand that not everyone is capable of, let alone wants to, live by those ideals.