The Rebellion
Discord Channel

Is your Faction one of the good ones?

Are you fighting to protect Galactic Society from the oppression of Imperialism?

Are the Sith threatening your way of life?

Do you have a Crab problem?

The Rebellion is here to fight with you!

The Rebellion is a minor faction based upon the iconical Rebel Alliance, here to support the Democratic/Lightsided factions in the fight for the Galaxies future stability.

In order to help fund and equip the Rebellion against the tyrannical factions of the Chaos Galaxy, our minor faction is seeking to further its influence by taking on missions for other factions. Whether you need the fight taken to the bad guys, a rescue operation or humanitarian aid, The Rebellion can assist you!

As a minor faction, the Rebellion is small and still in the process of getting set up. We're playing the underdogs, trying to fight the good fight while seeking subsidiary companies and charitable contributions to help empower the war against oppressive regimes and governments.

We can provide:

  • Assistance in Dominions.
  • Shared Faction Narratives.
  • Invasion Allies.
  • Opposition for the bad guys ;)
If this interests you and your faction, feel free to join our Discord or comment below!

Faction Administrators:
Caedyn Arenais | Kahlil Zambrano