It had been a week since the two billion Swokes Swokes on Makem Te went silent - hyperlane communication cut off in a moment and nothing escaping. There it sat in its quiet, as worlds began to investigate and stir at the ominous nature of its disheartening quiet. It was conspiracies that came first - a return of the Bryn'adul, some new weapon put in place by the Empire of the Lost, or something else entirely. Of all the ideas and comments born from the void of fear, only one became true.​
It was word spread first by the smugglers, then trade freighters, of a world conquered in a day and a night. So thoroughly that none still fought, nothing remained of the military or its native. While some claimed these lies - it was proven as the first images and videos began to spread across the holonet. Grainy footage of a star dreadnaught bigger than any had ever seen before - looming over the conquered world as smoke filtered through its atmosphere.​
Martial law had since been declared, and there was none who had broken through the apparent blockade to investigate how the conquest occured - only that the destruction was massive. Even from a distant, it was obvious the world had been devastated. Now all that could be confirmed was that the Dead God had made his way to the Makem Te, and it had been subjugated under the totality of his strength.​
To what ends, is yet to be known.​