The Rage With In Us


“The secret side of me, I never let you see
I keep it caged but I can't control it
So stay away from me, the beast is ugly
I feel the rage and I just can't hold it” – Skillet; Monster

The stomping of soldiers boots on the blood mucked ground running from the city that burned behind them. They were running from the monster that that stalked them straight into the hands of there oppressor. The chains of the sith were a far better fate then that which hunted them. The thing that hunted them had the visage of a human but it was no human. It’s eyes cold empty black as the abyss and uncaring it could eviscerate a person’s soul with its gaze. The coldness emptiness of those eyes seeped into your every pore and made you shiver and want to flee for if you lingered to long you would surely die.

The monster that chased them had dark invisible tendrils extending out in every direction of its body. Oh, it’s body in the guise of a young child trying to portray some sense of corrupted innocence’s. The Child's body that the monster inhabited couldn’t have been more then six years of age. The fact it had taken a child’s form was testament to just how corrupted the beast truly was it had no remorse or sympathy even for the child that could not fend it off.

The tendrils that stretched out from this abomination paralyzed all those they touched with fear and sickness. Nauseating sickness that felt like daggers in the pit of the stomach stabbing you over and over making you want to rip out your very own insides. One by one it came to the villagers and soldiers that had been trapped in its tendrils and that hissing red light in their hands cut them down. Over and over again it would end another life uncaring showing nothing but a cold stare as the bodies fell to the ground.

Firing on it from outside the tendrils reach only seemed to make it stronger. It feed on the pain, fear and aggression around it. Nothing they could do would save them so they ran in the direction of the very army that had brought this demon upon them. The sith stood with open arms willing to accept there surrender and enslavement. The oppressor had become their salvation from decimation and their species and planet became the dominion of the sith.

The last lingering soldiers hadn’t yet decided his fate of enslavement or destruction hide in a small outcropping of rocks on the edge of the village. He peered around to see the incarnate of rage standing before a villager woman. One he had been sworn to protect until this thing came along, yet now all he could do is watch helpless not knowing he could not fight this monster. The child like monster stared at the woman on the ground its red-light saber ignited and crackling.

The Soldier watched as the monster just stood there staring it had killed all those before with out any hesitation but why not this one. Then he saw in the woman’s arms clutched tightly against her chest an infant child. The Soldier realized int hat moment that the monster and child body it inhabited where one in the same. There was an ounce of humanity in the monster and it was currently fighting with it’s self as it stood before the woman now begging for her and her baby’s life.

That only lasted a moment though as the monster’s raised it’s saber trembling like it was fighting against itself. Then it plunged the saber into the woman’s chest, the body collapsed to the ground like a sack of potatoes. The thud with he ground rang in the soldier’s head like a bell and all he could of of was the child. His face went pale and all the blood drained from him at the thought. The monster stepped over the woman’s body and continued on it’s what seemed like forever silences seemed to encompasses the aria. Tears began to roll down the soldiers face he couldn’t pull his eyes away from the dead body. This was a cruel existence when a child consumed by a monster killed another child that barely got a chance to live.

Another dark moment past as screams of fear finally broke the silence the monster hunting down others that had not fled to their salvation of enslavement. The Soldier could not stop crying he was helpless and weak unable to protect or save his people the fate of death or enslavement was no fate at all. Then he heard it through his own sobbing came the whimpers of a babe. He looked up and the whimpers became louder with out hesitation he scrambled to his feet. He scooped up the whimpering baby laid next to its mother.

In that moment he made a choice and ran in the direction of the mountains. Though he knew the sith would eventually hunt down those that managed to escape their salvation or the monster’s death, he knew now that he had to try to survive and keep this child alive. He had seen that even the monster whose rage had been unleashed upon there world was not as cold and heartless as it first seemed. The Monster was just a child twisted and torment by the darkside monster possessing her but she was stronger than it the Soldier had seen it. There was hope in this cruel universe after all.