"When I founded Vanir Technologies, I never intended for the company to grow as large as it did. It was a side project, something to do on the side while I spent more time with my two lovely daughters. Now...well now the company has grown far beyond what I had expected. I suppose that's only natural, what with how great I am at this."[/color]

"However, with the size of the company and my own affliction of age, I've decided that It's time to step down."[/color]

"My replacement, the one that I chose and the board voted in this morning will be from Vanir Technologies Fringe Science department. Madame Nel."[/color][/img]

"Thank you all for attending today. First and foremost, I would like to address what I believe to be the most important aspect of this meeting, the future of Vanir Technologies. This company has always been an innovator in technology, design, and application. We believe in moving forward, and I intend to keep it that way."[/color]

"The recent unrest within the galaxy regarding the Republic and the seizure of corporate assets has many questioning the nature of relationship between major production worlds and governmental bodies. Specifically the nature of many major shipyard worlds like Fondor, Corellia, and Kuat. These planets are all within the influence of operation of many powerful governments, some with...questionable intent. Due to this and the recent display by the Republic of governmental nature towards Corporations, Vanir Technologies will soon begin construction on the galaxies largest privately owned shipyard to rival storied production worlds like Kuat."[/color]

Name:[/b] Nel

Loyalties:[/b] Vanir Technologies, Alric Kuhn

Role:[/b] CEO of Vanir Technologies

Development Threads:[/b] N/A

Age:[/b] 342

Species:[/b] Liran

Force Sensitivity:[/b] No



Weapon of Choice:[/b] None


Combat Function:[/b] Nel is not a combat character.

  • Extremely Intelligent
  • Business Acumen
  • Intensely Curious
  • Scientific Knowledge
Notable Possessions:[/b] Nothing worthy of note.

Other Notes:[/b]

Intent:[/b] To Create a suitable replacement for Alric Kuhn as CEO of Vanir Technologies