[background=Alric stood quietly on a small stage in front of what seemed like a room filled entire with press and reporters. To his right was a tall Liran woman and to his left was a member of Vanir Technologies board of directors. He smiled slightly, his hands gripping the edge of the podium as he cleared his throat. The microphone gave a cringing bit of feedback for a moment and the old Tetan made a rather embarrassed face before adjusting the stand and finally beginning to speak.[/center]

[background=[color=#daa520]"When I founded Vanir Technologies, I never intended for the company to grow as large as it did. It was a side project, something to do on the side while I spent more time with my two lovely daughters. Now...well now the company has grown far beyond what I had expected. I suppose that's only natural, what with how great I am at this."[/color]​

[background=There were a few chuckles and shakes of the head.[/center]

[background=[color=#daa520]"However, with the size of the company and my own affliction of age, I've decided that It's time to step down."[/color]​

[background=There were a few gasps in the crowd, though he suspected that most of the people here already knew that it had been coming. Alric was an old man by business standards, and there was no need for him to remain in place when he was already one of the richest men in the entire galaxy. There was no real reason for him to remain in charge. Though he was sure that the company would see a dip in stocks, he also knew that what was about to be announced would mitigate that, or so he hoped.[/center]

[background=[color=#daa520]"My replacement, the one that I chose and the board voted in this morning will be from Vanir Technologies Fringe Science department. Madame Nel."[/color]​


[background=Alric gave a half way to the Liran to his side, then slowly stepped away from the Podium.[/size]

[background=Nel waited a moment, taking a deep breath before slowly taking Alric's place. She smiled at the reporters, cleared her throat, then looked down at the small cards in her hand. There was a hint of nerves within her demeanor, though that seemed to slowly disappear as she began to speak. [/center]

[background=[color=#add8e6]"Thank you all for attending today. First and foremost, I would like to address what I believe to be the most important aspect of this meeting, the future of Vanir Technologies. This company has always been an innovator in technology, design, and application. We believe in moving forward, and I intend to keep it that way."[/color]​

[background=There were a few nods, and Nel continued. [/center]

[background=[color=#add8e6]"The recent unrest within the galaxy regarding the Republic and the seizure of corporate assets has many questioning the nature of relationship between major production worlds and governmental bodies. Specifically the nature of many major shipyard worlds like Fondor, Corellia, and Kuat. These planets are all within the influence of operation of many powerful governments, some with...questionable intent. Due to this and the recent display by the Republic of governmental nature towards Corporations, Vanir Technologies will soon begin construction on the galaxies largest privately owned shipyard to rival storied production worlds like Kuat."[/color]​

[background=The statement of intent was met with a thousand questions from dozens of voices and a smiling Alric Kuhn.[/center]

[background=[b]Name:[/b] Nel
[background=[b]Loyalties:[/b] Vanir Technologies, Alric Kuhn
[background=[b]Role:[/b] CEO of Vanir Technologies
[background=[b]Development Threads:[/b] N/A
[background=[b]Age:[/b] 342
[background=[b]Species:[/b] Liran
[background=[b]Force Sensitivity:[/b] No
[background=Nel appears to be your rather average Liran woman.[/size]
[background=She is within her middle years and thus has a few scant lines across her face, but otherwise appears to be a rather youthful alien figure. Her eyes are bright, her features are soft, and she seems to be rather lithe and skinny, put together much like a twig. Oddly enough, her expression is most often stern and rather discontented, though her nature directly discounts that quality. Most would not hesitate to say that Nel is a very beautiful woman, though she would argue that she is simply "Average".[/size]
[background=Most often Nel can be found wearing researchers garb, usually a lab coat and small gadgets that help her with her research. More recently, as she has stepped into the roll of CEO, Nel has begun to wear the traditional formal garb of her people. Long flowing robes that cling to the body with an overcoat and adds a bit of warmth to the dress like cloth.[/size]
[background=The best and most key word to describing Nel is "pragmatic". Above all and everything else Nel likes to think and take the most logical approach to any solution. This is a key feature to her species, but really drives her at her core. Nel does not make emotional or rash decisions, she is a logical person. When a situation arises Nel looks at it from all angles, takes time, and then eventually comes to an inform decision depending on the situation at hand.[/size]
[background=This personality feature of not making brash decisions is exactly why Alric chose her to be CEO. Unlike him, she is calculating and unlikely to do anything brash. Instead, she will always follow her plan.[/size]
[background=As one would expect, Nel has a moral standard befitting that of a scientist. Though she does not believe in sentient experimentation or the use of chemical weapons, she does believe the worth of study. What does this mean? Some of Nel's actions could be considered dubious at best, however everything she decides and does is eventually for what she sees as the "greater good". To her, every action needs to have an explanation, and if that explanation is good enough then the action is justified.[/size]
[background=This will likely lead to more unique, albeit questionable technology from Vanir.[/size]
[background=[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b] None
[background=Nel has only recently been made CEO of Vanir Technologies. This means that though her compensation is now great, for the last two decades she was only paid a moderate salary equal to what many researchers and scientists would have been paid. However, due to her frugal nature Nel does have quite a bit of money saved up.[/size]
[background=[b]Combat Function:[/b] Nel is not a combat character.
  • Extremely Intelligent
  • Business Acumen
  • Intensely Curious
  • Scientific Knowledge
[background=[b]Notable Possessions:[/b] Nothing worthy of note.
[background=[b]Other Notes:[/b]
[background=Nel has a long and stories history, though the most important and Key parts involve the last decade of her life.[/size]

[background=The Liran woman has long since been a scientist, researcher, and designer of starships. She enjoys theses tasks, holding a natural affinity and enjoyment with them and thus coming to work for many corporations over the centuries of her life. She Eventually came to work for Titan Industries under Alric Kuhn. Beneath the Watchful gaze and with the encouragements of her peers Nel eventually assisted in the design and eventual construction of ships such as the Dark Blade, Immortal, and even the Maladi.[/size]
[background=When Alric Kuhn mysteriously disappeared, Nel left Titan Industries. The woman knew that her species was not well known, and she feared that without the Tetans protection she would either be forced out or terminated by another means.[/size]
[background=For the next year Nel managed to subsist from savings she had put away during her employment at Titan, only working contractually with smaller corporations and aiding in design of small technological oddities. Eventually, when Alric Kuhn made his grand return and founded Vanir Technologies she was directly contacted by him to take up the head of his new Fringe Sciences division. The Liran eagerly accepted, placing herself in a position of Authority.[/size]
[background=At the head of this new division Nel made great strides in new and unique technologies. Her team developed KIG, Shark Skin, and even the VT-Grav Glove.[/size]
[background=Eventually, as Alric Kuhn came to the decision of retirement he began to selectively phase through different department heads within Vanir Technologies itself. He took several weeks to quietly assess and survey those who worked beneath him and eventually settled on Nel. Her qualifications, her longevity, and her nature as a calculating person made her the perfect candidate. He eventually approached her with the offer after his engagement to Danger Arceneau, and with some reluctance Nel accepted.[/size]
[background=The Liran is now crowned as the CEO of Vanir Technologies.[/size]
[background=[b]Intent:[/b] To Create a suitable replacement for Alric Kuhn as CEO of Vanir Technologies