The Nest is finally up and running.

It took a good group of us to hit the squatters that were living there. Spacers, pirates, criminals. The same kind of band that had been hiding out in the Jedi Temple on Hurikane. A couple of these guys were pretty shocked to see a lightsaber light up during the fight, especially one of my colour. One of the squatters accused me of being Sith, but it's not a red blade. It's orange, or well...-Amber sounds better to me. Anyway, they tried to put up a fight and had barricaded themselves in there pretty damn well.

Thankfully I've been making some good friends in the TAC (Tingel Arm Coalition). Old soldiers turned rebels. Some Force-Users, former and current Jedi. A lot of people are willing to put up a fight for the right reasons. Especially given the Sith Order and the Empire have been hitting worlds out here in the Outer Rim quite frequently. It seems like it's only a matter of time before I get drawn into another fight...

I guess that's why this place is such a solid win. We had no idea that the Nest had an underground facility attached to it. It's taken days to clear it all out, tidy it up and actually get the lay of every level. I've told Jasper Kai'el that this is where I'm going to focus my side of things, make it a bit more homely and see if I can't help some others learn to fight, train and then start looking to our neighbouring worlds, seeing where we can help and who needs protecting. There's so much more criminality out here compared to the Core Worlds. Coruscant was bad in the lower levels, but the Outer Rim is like...All lower levels, bad. There's really not enough law out here to enforce anything and the Core Worlds all have their own issues. The Alliance is tied up with the fight against the Sith and the Dark Empire; then there's this Empire of the Lost or whatever they call themselves. Remnants of the old Imperial regime, I think; I don't really get it.

I haven't had much time for the Clan lately, and I haven't heard from anyone except Nouqai Veil, so I'm guessing they're doing okay. Maybe they've all gapped it as they figured it wasn't gonna take off. I dunno, I guess they'll flick me a holo if they feel like it. I've got my hands full, and I'm doing as best as I can with the situation out here.

This base, though, is freakishly massive. I reckon we could fit hundreds of people down here and still have room to move. I don't know anything about the planet itself, Maldra IV was never a place I'd been to until I heard about an old republic outpost. I didn't think it'd still be around, but yeah those squatters had pretty much trashed the place and it looked like a dive when we first arrived. Pretty soon it's going to be a fully operational base that we can use to cover the mouth of the Tingel Arm. A staging ground or a recon outpost for anything that might go down nearby. It's pretty amazing to be a part of honestly. To be here with the TAC when they first took off, to see how well we're doing and feel like I'm doing something good with the training that the Jedi taught me.

This is just the start, too.
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