The force is something that there is no answer for what it is. Some believe it is nothing more than a Tool, some believe it is a god to be worshipped and let control them. And some like me believe that it is a being for which is no more alive than myself or others. But that is not what is the important thing but rather it is how one effects the force. There must always be a balance, a creed that i believe fully but in current years that balance has been corrupted and disturbed by the greed and misuse of the dark side.​

The Darkside itself is no more evil than the light, infact both can be used for evil it is simply more often that it is the Darkside that does so. I will not lie, the darkside in how it is summoned up is why that evil is so prominently connected to the darkside. But the corruption of the darkside rest in its users who take the power they gain and then become greedy with it and go to the further lengths they have to corrupt and create a malformed use of it. Bogan, as it should be known, is what i fully come to understand.​

In order to summon up the Darkside you need use your emotions, but not surrender yourself to them and let them corrupt who you are. You control, and regulate what it is that you do with them. You can just as well save innocents, protect people, and work to form a brighter future in this way that you could as a Jedi and it is why i tell you this today so that if i do die there is this record of my teachings. And it is this that i will explain the difference between myself and the corrupted sect called the Sith and those who corrupt the teachings to rule over and control those under them like most of the Dark Jedi in this galaxy.​

I will start with the first day i used the dark side. It was more than ten years ago, i was nothing more than a young boy on Dantooine when i first tapped into the power that the Darkside afforded and i fell to the point in which i warn those who read this of. I first felt sorrow, grief, loss, thoughts that twisted their way into my heart and tore at it, corrupted it. I became rash, my actions barely even my own as i took up my other's saber and without a second thought killed those that killed her and my father. I didn't even regret it for years as all i could think about was how they got off easy and it was then that if a Sith or one of those Dark Jedi had found me i would have become no better than them. But instead i became a mercenary and had to leave the planet to get away from that blood bath.​

Keep in mind it would be many years before i met a Jedi or a Sith or even that of @Romeo Sin, whom i now am unsure of as well. It was this fact an this process of thought that made me think about the powers that i had. I didn't understand them for the longest time, i even thought they were a curse i could not get rid of. I figured out how i did it though and there was a time when i had realized it could be used for more than simply revenge.​

There was this girl, on Nar Shadaa, Kira was her name and she was the most beautiful person in the world. She had red hair, a beautiful smile... She was also someone in a less than desirable living condition that caused me to find her one day in a precarious situation. What i had done then was a wanting to protect her... why i didnt understand for years but i know now why i did it. I had summoned up the force through the very passion of wanting to protect her from getting hurt or worse killed like my mother and father, i used my fear, anger, sorrow and all those feelings that had circulated in my mind that day before simply attacking those that sought to harm her... she stopped me from killing them though. She was the one that taught me that i did not need to kill someone to stop them and even without realizing it i stepped towards where i am now thanks to her.​

What happened after though was i returned to my life of being a Mercenary, even becoming the man named Void all those years ago whom attacked pirates and slavers, the latter of which disgusting creatures but ones that i still could not follow the advice of and restrain from killing. But that was not important to me at the time, it was more finding that balance and this is when i started to meet Sith and Jedi whom led me to actually support the Jedi. Infact maybe it is my being around the stiffs that led me to come to believe what i do. Being around them made me understand just how needed they were but i didn't understand why they did not summon up the very power that i did, why they do not let their emotions control them in battle. It was strange being around them and seeing them suppress their emotions.​

In no way are they wrong though, i came to realize that suppression of emotion was what protected them from the darkside but i could not understand what was so evil about my application of the Force, what was so wrong. And then i met the Sith. Creatures without hearts and let their bodies use and twist the force to their will, hurting it, scarring it. It was horrible seeing this and then i realize what it was, they were not the correct users, they were twisted and let their emotions control them including their greed. That is what made me to create a balance between control and allowance. I realized that if my emotions were controlled, funneled, and applied in a way that was conductive to their strength without letting them control me i could use them without becoming one of the creatures that the Sith are.​

IT was that fact, and later that success that is where i came to understand one more fact. There requires a balance in the force, something that levels out dark and light, not good and evil. Evil is a level of morality, it is what the Sith embody and what the current majority of Dark Jedi do too. But evil is not the Darkside, or as i have come to believe. A user of the dark can protect and serve just as the Jedi do with their light, but without the challenge of morality that requires your emotions. It allows you to understand one's sorrow, one's pain. It gives you an experience unique without your succumbing to corruption. A Dark user can be just as good as a light and a light can be just as evil as a sith. It is how you use your powers.​

And this is why a balance between dark and light is needed, there must be those that can do what others cant but how they do it is not what i advocate. You need not kill to stop someone with the darkside, you can just as easily maim, stop, and halt them in their tracks. I am like one of the few that believe this, that the Darkside can be used without oppression, corruption, and betrayal. And perhaps one day there will be a shift in understanding, both in the Jedi and the dark users of the galaxy. That not all Dark users need by evil but simply need control themselves and their emotions. Maybe then that balance can be achieved, and the galaxy can have some semblance of peace on that level.​