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  • Intent:[/b] A Coruscanti triad

    ​Image Credit:[/b] N/A

    Role:[/b] Triad


  • Group Name: [/b]Mirialan Triad

    Classification:[/b] Crime Organization

    Headquarters: [/b]Uscru Entertainment District, Coruscant

    Loyalties: [/b]Bareesh Kajidic

    Group Sigil: [/b]Rampant Dragon


Dragon:[/b] the elected leader of the Triad, currently Lin Kai, oldest child of the deceased Lin Bei.

Mountain:[/b] the deputy leader of the Triad, who is usually more immersed in the finer details. Currently Yu Jian, whose sister is married to Lin Bo.

Incense Master:[/b] The master of rituals and the one who oversees all recruiting and initiation ceremonies. Currently Lin Bao, Kai’s uncle and Bo’s father.

Vanguard:[/b] The operations lieutenant, who ensures all endeavors run smoothly. Currently Lin Bo.

White Fan: [/b]The administrator who oversees the Triad’s finances. Currently Lin Fei, youngest son of Lin Bao.

Straw Sandal:[/b] The liaison between the various lieutenants. Currently Lin Jia, sister of Yu Jian and wife of Lin Bo.

Red Poles:[/b] the martial lieutenants of the Triad charged with leading the Triad’s soldiers.

Membership:[/b] All members must be Mirialan. Initiation requires a four day ceremony, involving many rituals from both Mirialan culture, the Matukai, and the Zeison Sha.

Dogma/Doctrines:[/b] The Triad is based around family and family comes first, no matter what. Second to family are the people of Mirial. These duties are preeminent, even to the laws of society. Turning on the family is considered the ultimate betrayal.

Curios:[/b] Dragon tattoos. Two claws for soldiers, three claws for lieutenants, four claws for the captains, and five claws for the Dragon.

Goals:[/b] Control the entire Uscru District.

  • Lin Kai
  • Lin Bao
  • Lin Bo
  • Lin Zhi
  • Lin Fei
  • Yu Jian
  • Lin Jia
  • Huang Wei
  • Huang Wu