One of the things i love to Roleplay through is something that i rarely experience outside of a family and that is the idea of Love. You come to ask yourself when your characters go into a relationship (Preplanned or not) if that character will actually experience love or not and then you ask that question that if it does, what is love to it. For me i have the habit of imparting on my characters versions of my own ideas on it, family being the easiest to do of course but what in the end comes is the alternate uncertain love.
I look at the characters on the site, i look at my own characters, and i ask myself. "I wonder how these characters would define love..." For Solan its simple, he shares the same view as myself in that its someone you can trust with absolutely anything. Someone that beyond all else is your closest friend and companion. Yet then the other characters of mine find it as something different. Alexandra sees it as something similar but also a care for someone. Someone you care about more than anyone else rather than the person you trust most. Nauren is clueless and would likely mistake what would be love for lust. And Alexander sees it as a bond with someone that is unbreakable.
All these differing opinions made me wonder then on when i see characters move and shift, indefinite connections made and broken and it poses the question.
"What does the rest of the community see for their characters. How do their characters view love and how do they themselves differ from their characters?"
So that is what i ask you, roleplayers of Chaos. How do your characters see love, and then how do you? Is it the same, different? Is it definite or questioning? Im curious if others share the connection in thought process of this fact with your characters, or if they see it as something else than you.
Disclaimer: There are probably alot of grammatical errors in this... kinda low on sleep. My apologies for the poodoo writing.