So, many of you Mandalorian types might notice I've been revamping the Service ribbons a bit. I had to change how I was denoting multiple campaigns. Initially, it was with a gold double stripe on the ribbon. But, as things continued, and the color schemes for the ribbons shifted with each campaign, I began to notice that the gold stripe didn't always stand out. So, I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of the double gold stripe, I changed it to be one silver ring to denoted each successive campaign of a given type on a planet. As follows:
Campaigns where the Mandalorians assisted another faction shall be denoted by a Foreign Service Ribbon.
- ​​One campaign will be denoted by a bronze Kyr'bes on the ribbon.
- 2-4 campaigns shall be denoted by a silver Kyr'bes.
- Five or more shall be denoted by a gold Kyr'bes.
Dominions, Invasions, or Skirmishes that have occurred more than once shall be denoted with a silver or gold ring on the ribbon
-​​ First award is the ribbon itself.
- 2-4 awards shall be denoted by one silver ring per award instance.
- A gold ring for 5 or more.
- If you participated in the first Dominion of a planet, take the ribbon with no device.
- If you participated in only the second Dominion, you would take the ribbon WITH the device.
Please do not have two of the same ribbon in your list. If you participated in both occurrences of a campaign, just keep the ribbon with the device.

Foreign Service Medal
Campaign Ribbon Changes
First Campaign:
Second Campaign:
First Campaign:
Second Campaign:
As you can see, with the new method, it's a lot easier to add rings if a campaign happens more than twice, than it would be to add stripes. With stripes, pretty soon you wouldn't be able to see the ribbon.