Is a 1962 Science Fiction/Alternate History novel chronicling a post WW-II in which the Axis were victorious over the Allies. The novel takes place in a post war America where the United States has been separated into separate zones of occupation by the German and Japanese governments, creating puppet states(USA,PSA) on either coasts with a semi independent government (RSA) between the two. The book takes a bit of reading before it actually takes off plot wise but anyone who's a fan of PKD's other work or alternate histories will definitely enjoy the hell outta this book. If you've ever wondered what an alternate post WW-II America would look like, this is one of the most interesting looks out there. I'll spare the little details because that's what really sells the experience as a hole, but the story is told from the viewpoints of several different characters from opposing backgrounds.

Highly recommended.

Seriously. Read it.

The dude wrote Blade Runner.