Zyer's Mark (the tattoo on Zyer and the clan is in all black):

Clan: Luc'Ta

Allit'Buir: Zyer

Short Description: The Luc'Ta Clan were once a normal clan until they met with a few groups that faded out of existence over the centuries. One of which were the People of Iron, and another were the Burning Berserkers, just to name two of them. The Luc'Ta clan have specialized in smithing their own beskar'gam for the centuries onward, and have had drunken bar fights where the foe was finished with a ranged blow to the head with a bottle. The Luc'Ta have always had a tattoo more recently nicknamed "Zyer's Mark" on their right shoulderblade and have shown a need for the tattoo to be on their Beskar'gam as well. Zyer Luc'Ta has taken up the leadership of the clan by killing the previous Allit'Buir in a duel of honor, the previous Allit'Buir was his father. Most of the Luc'Ta are currently trying to serve the Manda'lor in their own ways, except Zyer and his goons (who will die soon).

Specialization: Ranged Combat