Image Source: concept_destroyer_class_by_garretaj-d6pjfi6.jpg
Affiliation: Krax Zambrano/Lord Theatrum, InterGalactic Entertainer's Union
Manufacturer: TBA
Model: N/A
Modularity: Nope
Production: Unique
Material: Quadanium Steel, Transparisteel
Classification: Exploration Carrier

Length: 450 meters
Width: 150 meters
Height: 150 meters

- 6 quad turbolaser banks
- Laser cannons (Maths later)
- Point defense guns (Maths later)

Hangar: Not built to hold fighters at all. Rather, the hangar is intended to hold as many as fifty small shuttles (think Imperial shuttles, or really small freighters), in order to make it easier for those who come to watch Lord Theatrum and his special guests perform. It's a multi-tiered hangar, similar to that of a Venator-class Star Destroyer.

Special Features: (WIP)

Maneuverability Rating: 13
Speed Rating: 10
Hyperdrive Class: .8
- Very Well-protected
- Can escape quickly
- Lots of hangar space
- Very small crew complement

- Slow at sublight speed, and turns like a rusted old bulk freighter
- Not rigged to hold fighters at all.
- Very small crew complement

Description: (WIP)
Development Thread: N/A
Intent: A home/venue for Krax, and for any members of the InterGalactic Entertainer's Union that happen by.
Who Can Use This: The InterGalactic Entertainer's Union