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Name: Leo
Designation: Non-Sentient
Homeworld: Dalakia
Language: None
Average height of adults: 1.18 Meters Tall at the Shoulder (3.9 Ft.)
Skin color: Light
Hair color: Savanah Colors (light browns)
Breathes: Type I
  • Able to scale trees and climb mountains
  • Powerful jaw
  • Thick Skull, protection against blunt force trauma to the head and face
  • Powerful sense of smell and hearing
  • Sharp Claws
  • Dense muscle structure makes it heavy and strong
  • Leo can jump forward ten meters with a running start
  • Whiskers
  • Poor night vision
  • Extra set of legs makes swimming next to impossible
  • Suffer from hip and shoulder dysplasia
  • Small breeder {Only bears one to two cubs}
  • Can suffer from bloat
  • Females only give birth once or twice in their lifetime in the wild
  • Six Arms (Four in the front and two at the back)
  • Blue or red stripes
  • Spotted backside
  • Mane that is parallel with the body (Ie, no lion Mane)
  • Bushy tail tip
  • Short neck
  • Large head
  • Small eyes
Average Lifespan: 35 Years
Races: None
Estimated Population: 4 Million
Diet: Carnivore
  • Growls
  • Purrs
  • Hisses
  • Roars
Culture: To the Zanji, the Leo, while not descended from any gods or part of some story, is an important part of the culture. Seen as one of the many challenges of the planet the Leo provides an interesting power dynamic in the Savannah that it calls home. To the Zanji the Leo represents strength, perseverance and loyalty and to defeat one is considered a great honor and challenge. To defeat one during one's coming of age ceremony is an even bigger honor.
Technology level: None
General behavior: The Leo are solitary creatures who roam the savanna alone or in small family units where the cubs leave once reaching maturity. Interestingly they are not initially hostile to one another, sometimes even joining forces to take down large prey before going on their way. While Leo rarely fight one another there are very particular instances where they will. As they mate for life and travel with their mate and family for the rest of their lives, contests over mates are the most common reason for Leo to fight. Both males and females will fight over a contested mate. A desperate Leo may also hunt Leo cubs which of course the parents will protect with their lives. Since the Zanji have begun to modernize and their villages have grown in size confrontations with Leo have increased, but the Leo is still seen as simply a part of life on the savanna while the Scarred are seen as pests. The Leo has kept this view in the eyes of the Zanji because they are the Scarred's main predators in the savanna and in the Badlands.
History: The Leo is a direct relative to the Zanji as they share an evolutionary ancestor. While the Zanji eventually stood on two legs, the Leo produced a third set and became larger predators, moving into the less populated savanah to become the apex predator of the area. As the Zanji evolved and progressed through history the relationship between the two has differed. In this most recent stretch of history they have become mutually respected predators of the savanah. They are sometimes even kept as pets of powerful warriors and Allyan Priests.
Notable Player-Characters: N/A
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