I have created this will, so that following my death, my estate and wealth will be distributed according to my wishes. I want it to be understood that I wish for my affairs to be conducted in a clandestine manner, so that other entities may not know, or subsequently affect how they are conducted.
I have nothing else to say to my enemies.


The following effects are to be passed along to my Sith Apprentice. These are the artifacts and weaponry that I have accumulated during my reign as the Dark Lord of the Sith, to be passed along to the linage of Sith Lords that have succeeded me:The following estate is to be demolished, as per my will. There is to be no trace that we operated here.During my time, I focused on the recovery of artifacts, information, history and weaponry that indicated the existence of the Order of the Sith Lords. Whilst these things are cultivated, studied and subsequently owned by other entities, then the existence of the Rule of Two is put in jeopardy. It is imperative that these are recovered, for the Grand Plan can never come to fruition whilst there are others aware that we exist.

Darth Vectivus, a predecessor to us, constructed a Sith Holocron during his time. It has survived throughout the centuries since he ruled. I have tracked it and learned that it is now in the hands of Draco Vereen. I struck a deal with this Mandalorian Warlord, in which I would trade Jal Shey teachings in return for the holocron. My illness otherwise prevented me from fulfilling my side of the accord that we reached.
Jedi Master Taeli Raaf is in possession of Freedon Nadd's Sith Holocron, which I believed to have the cure to my illness. I have studied this woman from a distance for many years, and I suspect that she possesses the knowledge to other Sith Holocrons (or artifacts, information, history, weaponry). She survived me on Coruscant, but she will not survive you.
Mara D'Lessio Merrill is a Jedi who tracked me down and found me on Obredaan, after learning about me in the records or archives she inherited from a relative. We agreed to find the Bogan's Beauty, a vault ship that Rave Merrill (the relative) constructed to host several Sith Holocrons etc. as part of a secret organization whom I was unable to learn of. Discovering the whereabouts of the ship would lead us to the treasures that were looted from it. The discovery of Rave Merrill's archive would leads us to several other treasures, and it's subsequent destruction would end any loose ties to our Order and the Jedi.
Justiciara Noctare was a Female Force-sensitive clone that I took on the planet Duro to serve as a test for my Sith Apprentice. She retains extensive knowledge of our Order; the factions that we have infiltrated; and the planets that we have operated upon. If the Jedi were to discover her, we would be in jeopardy.
All my research on Crystalogy and the weapon that I was constructing have been left in the MZX32905 system.
The planet of Naboo possesses a shield generator that I designed to be used as apart of a terrorist attack against the Royal Family.
My wealth is to be donated to charities and Humanitarian projects across the Galaxy. A fraction of it will be left to my Sith Apprentice following my death.