Let's take a time out for a second and discuss the Jedi. I have recently been involved in this thread my alt:

Full disclosure, I'm opposed to the Jedi IC in this instance. But I want to take a step back and examine the actions of the Jedi to ask one simple question - OOCly and ICly....

How do you see a nine year old child getting kicked in the stomach by one of your own people and then decide that the "righteous" course of action is to leave?

Now, I write a lot of villains, some of whom think they are doing the right thing, but I fess up to them being totally depraved when I talk about them OOC. Mikhail Shorn is an awful, awful human being. Or was, he's dead now, whatever. In any case, how do you OOCly keep on believing that your character is the Force's gift to society when you won't even stop to save a child?