"Aaaaaand - action!"
Julie fixed her reporter smile onto features that seemed to be trying to hide fatigue and glanced one last time at the script before she looked at the camera.
"Heavy casualties have struck the fleets around Tartarus. Two of the Contingency's three shield ships have been destroyed and the Galactic Alliance fleet is suffering damage. The Contingency is getting closer to the enemy."
"The-" she broke off as she looked in discontentment at her lines. "Shouldn't there be more here about the fighting?"
"Everyone is going pew pew and people are more or less karked. What more do you want?"
A roll of her eyes, then back to the script. "By the dome, nobody has yet broken out into a fight over the promise of power and glory, but it's looking more and more like something big and ugly will happen soon. Stay tuned and we'll keep you up to speed."
"Lastly, while our sources are having trouble gaining reports of what's happening in the building that holds the Machine, we can confirm that no attempts have been made to activate it yet. We'll keep looking for answers."
She was clearly done, but Fabian gave no confirmation he had stopped filming.
Stelar was looking at his camera worriedly.
"Fabian, just stop filming. That's aaaaaaall you need to do."
"It's possible... that I may have... well... nuhpresreoare..."
"Oh, for kark's sake." Julie marched from her desk to where Fabian was looking uncomfortably between Julie and the screen of the camera. "What-"
"You forgot to press record?!"