"Galactic Alliance ships have begun an all-out assault against the contingency fleet, while First Order and Galactic Empire vessels are holding back their firepower. It seems the Contingency have begun to focus on the Alliance fleet."
"A message was picked up from a mysterious source. It came from a dome-shaped building, but what is found inside remains unknown. It promised 'power and glory', but only one was allowed to claim it. We will update you on this story as it unfolds." Julie once again showed that smile that she had shown so many times before to wrap up today's report. From behind the camera Fabian gave her a thumbs up to signify it was a wrap and he quickly went to set the device down. "Not much to edit out this time around, it should only take a few minutes." Pressing on the release button for the data module he went to take it out, but there was one slight issue.
The tray didn't open.
A sigh that was really more akin to an annoyed grunt escaped his lips as he employed his signature open-palm-slap-to-the-camera fix. When that bore no fruit he tried again. And again. And again. "This stupid fething thing..."
"Still convinced there's nothing wrong with that rusty old camera?" Koven walked over, caf in hand, and set the cup down next to the source of Fabian's annoyance. With her nails she was able to pry it open, allowing the module to be taken out again. "You're welcome."
A quickly muttered "thanks" was the answer she got. Data module in hand Fabian walked over to the computer and inserted it, loading up his editing software to start taking out the things the public wasn't supposed to see. "Hey Julie," he said as he started cutting things out. "Hm?" It was fairly rare for him to ask her any questions, so she was no doubt wondering what made him do it. He himself was already regretting it, but there wasn't any way out now. Just say never mind, and it will be fine. Hopefully.
But before he was forced to awkwardly avoid asking a question, the lights went out.
"What in the..." Fabian's head darted around as his eyes slowly adjusted to the sudden darkness. "Just when I thought things weren't getting any better. The power's out, a definite step up from the Galactic Daily being blocked from the Holonet." The sarcastic tone was laid on very thick, leaving no doubt about what he meant to say. "At least we can go back to basics now. I get to use the survival skills I read about in the latest issue of Backwater Explorers! We can make a fire, roast some-"
As suddenly as the lights went out however, they flickered back on. The power outage was only short-lived, and now Julie wouldn't be able to make that fire. Luckily I won't have to stop her from burning the entire building down now. A few edits later the video file was uploaded and their job was done. Unfortunately for Fabian the power went out once again right after the upload finished. "Who in this galaxy has it out for me? Weren't killer robots enough?"
"Hey, if all the power in the galaxy went out those robots wouldn't be a problem anymore."
"I'm asking for a raise."