"And cut!"
Fabian looked inordinately pleased with himself as he plugged the camera to the side of the computer, while Julie watched on, entertained. Truthfully, there was not much lately to be cheerful about and they both knew it, but he had managed to film the report near-perfectly on only their third take and that was certainly rare enough to merit celebration. It was better, she supposed, than to focus on the grimness of their job.
So she darted over to his side as he saved the video file and opened a HoloNet browser.
"Alright, and upload..."
"The kark?"
They both stared, dumbstruck, at a monitor that displayed red and warning signs where The Galactic Daily's logo ought to be.
"...flagged," Fabian read off the screen in disbelief. "For...what?"
"Harmful data?" Julie let out a comical groan of frustration. "That. Is. *Ridiculous.*"
They both seemed to be in agreement on that.
For a few moments, Julie looked between Stelar and his computer with a look of utter bemusement, as though trying to think of a solution just as she reached the conclusion she could do nothing but wait. Then she straightened, walked to the other end of the room, and scooped up a mug of caf.
She drank, and then:
"I guess we just gotta wait?"
Meanwhile, Fabian was furiously trying to determine a way past the warning. "Well, if somebody hasn't already let Gary know, then somebody needs to do that. Then it depends how long it takes for Gary to, uh, somehow reverse this-"
"So yes."
He sighed, frustrated. "Yeah."
Sitting down, Julie shrugged. "Cheer up. That's what we were doing anyway, wasn't it? All this means is that now we get to wait around *without* watching you drop your camera ten times in a row."
Fabian gave a half-hearted roll of his eyes, then he sighed again. "I am *so*-"
"Not getting paid enough for this?"
"Feth off."