"Wha- Why!? Read the karking thing!" An annoyed sigh escaped Fabian's lips as the camera refused to connect the fresh data module he had inserted. With an open palm he hit the side and the tray holding it shot open, causing the module to fall out and head on a crash course to the ground. His reflexes kicked in and allowed him to miraculously catch it while still holding the camera with one hand, leaving him in an odd position to see. Another sigh, one of relief this time, came from him as he straightened himself once more.
Meanwhile Koven looked at him with a face displaying a mix of amusement watching Fabian catch the data module from mid-air and bewilderment from the ridiculousness of the scene. At least, that's what he thought was the case. The reporter hadn't been necessarily acting differently ever since the mysterious Contingency had cropped up, but it was clear she had been acting a bit too upbeat for it to be genuine at times. This was nothing new, but often made it hard to read what she was really thinking.
The data module was popped back in and the tray was closed, the cameraman hoping the device would properly read it this time. If it didn't work again, he told himself, he would finally ditch this one and-
"Isn't it time to replace that old thing?"
It was a comment he had been hearing from many people for a while now, but the answer was always the same. "There's nothing wrong with it. Sometimes it has its quirks, but it's never anything a quick reset, or in this case taking the data module out and putting it back in again, can't fix." He nodded as it finally showed the module as present and started pointing it at Julie to get the focus right. Staring blankly through the lens for a moment he was forced to snap his mind back to reality. The slightest of headshakes could not be resisted as he grabbed the script. "Okay, the rundown isn't all too different from yesterday, but there are some developments." The paper containing what the viewers would hear exchanged hands. "The first shots have been fired after a sizeable Contingency fleet approached the other ships, but no further confirmations beyond that there."
"This script sure is handy when you're telling me everything anyway." Julie put away the script almost immediately without reading it and went to check her microphone instead. "What else?"
Fabian's deadpan stare went unnoticed. "Excuse me for wanting to know what is trying to wipe out life as we know it, including us. Anyway, it has been confirmed that ground troops have been deployed on the surface, including forces from the Outer Rim Coalition, the First Order, the Galactic Empire, the Metal Lords, and the Order of the Silver Jedi. No sign of Contingency forces yet, though."
"People have started to enter one of the facilities on the planet, but as far as we know they have not found anything yet. We're hoping to have more on that soon."
"And lastly, we picked up some personal vessels among the ships that landed, but we don't know who they are or their reason for being there. They are fairly far removed from the ground troops however, so they may have some ulterior motives."
Happy with the camera angle Fabian waited for Koven to begin, slowly drifting off while doing so. How long was it going to take before those droids landed here? They weren't far off to make sure the reports were accurate. He was going to die a horrible death, but hopefully it would be painless. I am seriously not getting paid enough for thi-
"Are we rolling?"
A half-exasperated, half-jumpy nod confirmed the fact they were indeed rolling. His attention shifted to the reporter, making sure the shot was clear.
"Reports confirm that the first shots have been fired..."