"Fabian, are we rolling? We're rolling? Chit. Okay."
Behind the camera, @Fabian Stelar gave a nod of almost-exasperation and Julie suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. His perpetual ability to forget to press record had a tendency to cause confusion (and if they weren't already rolling, she'd have said so, too. Alas.)
Instead, the reporter cleared her throat and looked at the camera with a sort of bemusement.
"After weeks of uncertainty surrounding the Contingency, a message leaked to the HoloNet, causing chaos throughout the galaxy before it was deleted minutes later," Julie began. Her voice was as neutral as she could make it, but not enough so to hide her look of one completely overwhelmed.
"The message contained coordinates to a facility known only as the Machine and promised that organic life would soon be punished. So far, everyone has taken that to mean eradication, and - *what?*"
She did roll her eyes this time at the noise of half frustration and half anxiety that Fabian made as he fiddled with the camera angles. Of course Julie was afraid too (how could she not be?). But Stelar's negativity wasn't helping anyone. Her preferred approach was to ignore the danger until she couldn't.
It was getting harder to ignore, but she was doing it all the same.
"Just keep going, I can edit it out."
"Sure you can," she replied with a smile and a voice heavily layered in sarcasm, but she pressed on.
"Several ships have landed on Tartarus within radius of the coordinates and their passengers can be presumed to be investigating the Machine. Perhaps this will lead to the end of the Contingency's acts of destruction. We'll be keeping you updated.
Several others have landed in separate areas of Tartarus, both in person and with fleets. We can't yet say what is going to happen - watch this space."
"Is that a cut?"
"No, no, keep going. That way the audience can watch in wonder while I take my coffee break."
"I am not getting paid enough for this."