The Imperial Academy of the Inquisition
The Inquisition:
The darker side of the Imperial Force sects, the Inquisition are under the Imperial Intelligence as special agents who harness the dark side of the Force to bring peace, and prosperity to the Imperial Remnant. They command the Imperial Commandos, Shadow Troopers, Dark Troopers, and Death Troopers of the Imperial Intelligence as support to the spec ops units. They are elite in the art of one on one combat, sabotage, surveillance, and interrogation. They are put into hardcore training to ensure that they do not succumb to the dark side.
The Program:
Reactivating the Acolyte Program and the Imperial Reprogramming Institute with Darth Seraphic (Romeo Sin) as the Grand Inquisitor and @Count Morcus as the High Inquisitor, the right hand of Darth Seraphic. Through this program, Initiates are indoctrinated into the ways of the dark side without the fear of becoming egoistical maniacs like the original Sith Acolytes of the original Galactic Empire.
They are required weekly check ups to ensure the snare of the dark side has not entangled them, otherwise the they are sent to the institute for reprogramming. Through this program, they are re-indoctrinated, and if this fails they are kept under arrest until they show signs of redemption, or are kept forever kept in a cell.
The Ranks of the Inquisition:
Grand Inquisitor
High Inquisitor