As the Holocron flickered to life once more, it's owner standing this time in the middle of a small room, but not small enough to prevent training with either a lightsaber or martial arts. His face was still obscured by his hood with only his lower jaw visible in it's image. This time however the Tuk'ata were nowhere to be seem. "This shall be the very first instructive entry of this holocron and will focus on basic force use as well as the very foundation and most basic of move sets of the martial art called Stava." He took a stance and showed the very first introductory move into the style.
"The style is named after a predator native to the Noghri home planet of Honoghr, Stava incorporates joint-locks, pressure points, nerve pinches, take-downs, and quick and deadly strikes with the hands, arms, feet, and legs. Like the animal it is named for, Stava puts severe emphasis on speed and endurance, with Noghri practitioners being able to dodge blaster bolts with acrobatics, rolls, and sheer offensive prowess. However a force sensetive user of this style can become a blur of deadly motion among many enemies with full choice of which one to spare and incapacitate or which ones to kill.
In addition to unarmed combat techniques, Stava also instructs practitioners in the art of throwing and wielding the traditional fighting sickle of the Noghri, as well as the more primitive weapons adopted by the assassins, such as quarterstaffs, vibroblades, and Vrakolian Spin-blades."
What followed would be the very first move sets for beginners to see how each move was made in very slow movements so that each movement could be clearly seen as well as learned. "Please note that to effectively use the nerve pinches and strikes one must be familiar with the basics of anatomy of a humans or near humans nervous system. This will provide the user with the most basic spots to strike as well as a template to build from and employ with their strikes. Be forewarned this style is not for those weak of mind or intelligence as this style, to be the most effective requires a sharp mind and good cunning in battle."
He spoke this as he was finishing the first of the move sets but didn't include any nerve strikes or pinches into the demonstration.
"Now to reach the next set of moves master the ones I've demonstrated. We shall now move on to the most basic principles of the use of the force. To begin try an exercise where you reach for an object out of your reach and without moving yourself, imagine an invisible hand extending itself from your own hand to the object you wish to hold. Now build upon that image until you can literally feel the object as if it was already in your hand, then try imagining the invisible hand moving this object to your hand.
This you should continue until it half feels like it is second nature to you." With a raise of his hand he raised a few of the objects around himself on the room and brought them to orbit around himself. "Once at that stage try manipulating this object and instead of moving it solely to your hand, try moving it around the room and once you feel sufficiently comfortable with that add another object into the mix. This will require patience above all to even begin to learn and even more still to master to any degree of skill."
He spoke calmly as he then moved the objects back to their original places. "This ability is called telekinesis and with it's learning you've taken your first step into a larger world..." He'd grin. "Welcome to the world of force users." At that sentence the hologram would dissipate and the entry would be completed.