As the holocron flickers to life and got ready to record, T'zanith leaned into his seat, opposite which was a table with the newly constructed holocron nestled at it's top. At his chair sat T'zanith his robes and hood obscuring his face within the holocron. Next to him was a large Tuk'ata, easily bigger than a grater dane, and at his feet was another pair, sleeping against one another. With a slight sigh T'zanith moved one hand to gently run his fingers against the top of the largest Tuk'ata's head while the other moved to his chin, gripping it gently as he thought on what to say.
"I am..." He started before he smiled a little. "Darth Erebus and this is my holocron. The first thing you will need to know is that his holocron will serve two functions firstly this will document my days and events that I feel are noteworthy enough to be documented and second this will be a repository to pour all my knowledge of the force and Lightsaber forms ending with a form that I am still developing and have yet to name. This holocron, once completed, will either be given to an apprentice of mine that I feel worthy of this knowledge or I will donate it to the one sith archives on coruscant. However this is still up for debate as I might simply decide on keeping it for myself until either of the previously stated options become viable to me."
He then said as he thought through it and then leaned back into his chair and put his hand from his chin to the other armrest.
"I was born to a Sephi woman, one I still don't know, and a Miralukan assassin. My father raised me to take his place and as such I have extensive knowledge of assassination tactics and three different martial arts, all of which I have incorporated into my forms and battle tactics. As much as I know, no acolyte want's to know about the past of a holocrons gatekeeper but this is important as it has influenced how I both see the world and what the foundation upon which I've built myself upon is. This also serves as my first lesson to the viewer of this holocron and will be as follows. A Tower is only as strong as it's foundation, so build yours strong enough for the rest of you to stand tall on."
He then said as he stopped petting the tuk'ata next to him, the tuk'ata looking a little displeased by it but then just slowly walked to the side and would disappear from the holocron's image.
"Before I was introduced into the Sith order my skill set consisted of the martial arts called Stava, K'thri as well as the Echani style of martial arts. All of these martial arts Incorporated different aspects to which if brought together make a very effective style which will allow for nerve strikes to incapacitate, Hard strikes that can break bone and sever tendons and finally a smooth and elegant sets of moves which focus on speed and excellently balanced footwork to maintain the precision the move sets allow.
Those are the martial skill of which I could use, however my father neglected to teach me advanced force techniques but what he did teach me was how to focus my force sight, a trait I inherited from my father as my physical eyes are simply nonfunctional. He also taught me the basics of telekinesis but only as a way of infiltration, such as getting data and key cards from guards and the like as well as imbuing my body with the force to increase my strength, speed, stamina and durability however this was not taught to me well and I have yet to find a holocron, teacher or text to increase my knowledge of this ability at the time I am recording this entry."
It was at that moment that a small growl could be heard from the side and the two tuk'ata at T'zanith's feet woke up and looked to the side were the growl had come from. Lazily the two stood up and moved to the side and out of the holocrons view, T'zanith however only showed a slight smirk.
"As I entered the sith academy I spent the first two days in singular training as well as finding any introductory texts to what I should expect while among the sith. I was taken in by a sith master at the third day, his name was @Lord sebastian and to say his teaching methods were unorthodox would be an understatement." T'zanith then said chuckling a little as he seemed to be thinking of those days.
"The way he taught me was simple, Learn or die. His first lesson was to make me go into a hssiss infested cave to find a crystal, he neglected to mention or warn me about a terentatek that had made the crystal chamber it's nesting place. However out of this I developed the beginnings of a technique I've named force echo but out of it I also beat death and as such my understanding and drive to succeed and grow in power even more. After that training lesson was over I began to devour every single piece of knowledge and techniques I could get my hands on. This was however all at the determent of my martial techniques with a Lightsaber.
It was through Master Sabastians training that I learned three things, first Never stagnate! Keep learning, keep improving yourself because no matter what it's never enough. Two, keep a solid foot in both the mystical, force techniques and the martial, Lightsaber forms or even other martial arts. Three don't just learn what interests you, broaden your skill set so that you can effectively counter and live through what might come in the future."
With a wave from the sith knight, the holocron turned off and the first entry was now over.