The Tale of the Khommites

- Written & published by 6B2-RA-7, personal service droid of Senator Dorsk of Khomm -

Many do not know this history, but I will Illustrate it here as I have been instructed by my master to complete this historical article for future sentient generations.

The Planet of Khomm is located in the Galactic Core, yet has never been a massive political power within any galactic wide faction. Their people had always been Isolationists and when they discovered cloning, they had little need to change their diplomatic stance. The Khommites believed that their species possessed many perfect qualities and believed cloning to be a way of instilling that perfection on their society. They had perfected cloning and at a higher level than anyone else in the galaxy at the time of around 1200-1000 BBY and had been using cloning ever since. They primarily cloned Khommites at their main cloning facility, known as Khomm Central Population Planning, which produced almost all of the Khommite population. Unlike other cloning models, their clones were not tampered with, by either accelerating aging or strength injections. They were merely cloning off of a "perfect" Khommite genetic template. The Dorsk model is one of most infamous Khommite clone lines. The most notable Khommite clone was the legendary Dorsk 81. (See Legend of Dorsk 81 for more information). Cloned to be traditionally conformists, Khommites rarely left their world. However, this changed after the Imperial Attack on Khomm in 12 ABY. The planet was heavily bombarded and nearly 400,000 Khommites lost their lives. Not to mention a good portion of the planet was rendered inhabitable for 200 years, including Heh'l City. Despite their species numbering in the multi millions even afterwards, they began to focus inwardly on adapting to fit new norms, which was not normal at all for the Khommites. Once Khomm had relatively recovered and they constructed their new capital, New Khomm City, their society began to immediately flourish. Their society was forced to adapt and accept the individualists aspects of their species, though this was limited. They officially recognized Dorsk 81 as a hero of their society & species and honored him with a massive statue in the capital. The cloning process of Khomm was still active following the bombardment and resumed when the planet had somewhat recovered. The only difference was that they did not force the cloned Khommites to remain on Khomm and allowed them opportunities to express individual traits, however they were still highly conformist compared to other species. They also began to not reject the appearance of force sensitivity in their species, but didn't wholly accept it either, yet they would still give force sensitive Khommites to the Jedi Order if they were found. After the death of Dorsk 83, the Dorsk model continued to be cloned and Dorsk 156 is the latest of that line. Some clone models died out either during the Imperial attack or just over time, but many original templates remain in Khommite society. Since 230 ABY, Khomm has allowed more individual thoughts and has allowed its citizens to serve in the multiple Galactic Republics and now the current Galactic Alliance, which Dorsk 156 himself being the foremost example as an Alliance Senator. They still don't allow too many because they still believe in their traditional status quo which is exclusively reserved for Khommites to live their lives and serve in their careers on Khomm. Still, more and more Khommites continue to increase the amount of individual thinkers within their society.