Its been three days since we got back from the Wheel and things are still going slow. I fear the trip might have been more tiring than a week of work would have been. I won't lie, we had a little too much fun on that damn station and the crew really enjoyed themselves...But I'm not sure why everyone is so tired. Well, except the Verpine. If we didn't have those little buggers here we wouldn't be moving at all. I'm so glad I hired them. When we got back they had fixed the problem with the coils and our engine design and since we've been back it looks like they are running on double speed. They know how close we are and they want to get it done. I think I heard one of them that wasn't the leader talk for the first time today. Maybe these guys are just shy. It shocked all of the non-Verpine in the room. It wasn't in basic but I'm pretty sure he cursed. He dropped a hydrospanner on his toe.