"The way V-01 reacts to new and exciting things is akin to a human child, ideally a child between the ages of 5-12. He reacts in a way that is almost befitting of his nature and appearance, and most importantly, what he has been through. With little communication during the era encompassing the Gulag Plague, V-01 resorted to spending his free time watching holoflicks. He grew a fascination with a particular actor, Kent Westtree."

"As documented in other case studies, we have found our creations to adopt the cultural aspects of those they watch and partake in. As found with Vigil, he melds into the Galactic Republics droid society. He doesn't view himself anymore than the droid he is treated as, and has surprisingly taken a lot of insult and harm because of his view of himself - much to my disgust."


"Though I must commend these holoflicks. I watch him collapse in a heap, legs folded as he scoots across the floor like a human child about to watch the holoimages. His receptors soak in the sights and sounds, and more importantly, the overly-emphasized cowboy attitude. He watches these holoflicks religiously, there is little else to do during these years."

"His obsession with slugthrowers intensifies over the following months. He takes on a rogueish attitude, care-free and unwilling to take the harassment he was once so willing to take. He begins to meddle with slugthrowers, creating revolvers and shotguns. He fashions himself crude cloaks and poncho's, going in and out of 'phases' and never sticking with one particular look."


"In all my years documenting V-01's life, I have never seen anything like this. The transitions were remarkable, and he finally sat with an ideal look he adopted permanently. He asks me to design a cosmetic metal horn onto his helmet - as I am oft the one to design such things for his body. Like all Lost, with the right mechanic, their cosmetics can be modified extensively."

"He tells me the horn is to intimidate his foes, and make it easier for friends to identify him among droids. He uses his years alone to learn stitching and sewing and leatherwork. He makes himself a very much 'makeshift' look, with a bondolier for ammunition, and the classic cowboy look, and a cloak, once again, inspired by his favorite holoflick actor. A couple of holsters, and a sheathe for his knife, and he hasn't changed his look in the past two hundred years. It's old, but he keeps up with repairs. I like it."