Looking at the written responses of my survey I think I can make a sort of system to make a rough classification of Force Cultures. Let's make it three points, three values. The Monk, the Barbarian, and the Pragmatist.
The Monk views the Force as a gateway to a sort of spiritual enlightenment. They enjoy spending time meditating, trying to read the flow of the Force as a helmsman might try to read the flow of an ocean while sailing, trying to find a way to let it guide their lives. These theoretically have the best relations with non-Force Users due to having less desire to reach a certain point of wealth or power, but in practice often have an attitude of condescension towards Non-Force Users, thinking that they cannot be as wise without the Force's guidance. Doctrine wise the Jedi would most often fall under this category, though individuals might lean more towards The Barbarian.
The Barbarian is concerned most often with strength, and usually sees the Force as evidence of a Divine Right. They are meant to rule, lead, or protect, due to the unnatural strength they possess. These Force Users will take any route to increase their power or speed their training, most often finding that rage and emotion are transformers of Force Energy, magnifying their power. Their relations with Non-Force Users are the most toxic, often seeing them as nothing more than tools to fuel their ambitions, whether it be the strength of a soldier, the ingenuity of a weapon's designer, or even a literal source of power through esoteric draining techniques. Doctrine wise the Sith nearly always align with this category, though individuals might lean more towards the Pragmatist.
The Pragmatist is essentially the Atheist of Force Users. Though they can tap the Force just like a Jedi or Sith they don't view the Force as a requirement to follow a certain ideology. These Force Users are usually goal-oriented, and simply see the Force as a tool to achieve that goal. Their relations with Non-Force Users are the most varied. Some might see Non-Force Users as lower than them, some might view them as a bit more unlucky than they are, others might see them as a way to abuse their talents, a rare few are even frightened of seeming abnormal towards them. The Pragmatist is often the most difficult to predict, some simply using the Force to become better businessmen, mercenaries, or scientists. Others use the Force to attempt grand schemes and plots, such as the mapping of the Mara Corridor or becoming the Head of State of a nation. These Force Users are the most likely to be a sort of 'pilgrim', taking time to visit and learn from various Force Cultures, rarely seeking elements of their philosophy but usually most concerned with learning their techniques at manipulating the Force.