Log 03 - The Creation Of HAELI The AI

I plan on going to Naa Shaddaa as soon as possible. I need components to set up the database for the HAELI and if I play enough I am sure I can find someone who would be willing to acquire anything I need. And if I need more money, well, I can fall back on my past as a Gladiator and earn some money in the ring.

To give HAELI emotions and such things I have a much more complicated plan. The brain is nothing more than a highly advanced computer and I plan on studying it in its depths as much as possible so as to take reading on brain waves and how they flare in accordance with emotion and implant these recordings into HAELI. After this the final protocols that I place will give HAELI the drive learn, to question and to evolve. But these things are to be done over time.

First things first, complete repairs on my ship, travel to Nar Shaddaa then see if I can procure information on programming.