He stood staring at himself, though a force imbued mirror, Who was this before him? He rarely got a look at himself and the last time had been a few years ago. At the last time he had seen himself he had simply been able to see himself as more defined than the specters that he always saw around himself, he called them specters others might simply call them non-force sensitives. Now however before him was three, no, four times the definition of his body and a glow of the force. His eyes ran over his face and then he pulled down his robes collar to reveal the mark that was now seared into his body just at his left collar bone.
It still stung a little but it was like a hole in his defined body, a black spot seared against his flesh, at least in his eyes anyway.
Letting go of his robe he looked at himself once again. "You are no longer T'zanith Zebron... He is now dead" The sudden igniting hum of his gross guarded saber filled the room, cutting through the few moments of silence that had been left after he spoke to himself. The out stretched guards blocked his cheeks while the saber itself was nestled in between his eyes. The saber was a few centimeters away from his face and he listened to it's hum for a few more moments, always it had soothed him as he recalled the event that had made him what he was now, a sith knight and no longer an acolyte.

The rare rains that formed on Coruscants weather controlled skies, pounded against the temple and subsequently the large balcony that the acolyte was leaning against. His stomach was upside down and trying to get out of his cut, part of him suspected it would use his ribs as a shank if it could. He had been given a message to await for the Dark Lords aide to meet him on the balcony. What was the reason for this? was an inquisitor coming to end his life? Had he offended the Dark Lord somehow or was he being suspected of treason?
These thoughts swam through his mind and in a fit of rage, mostly directed at himself, sent out a small force repulse which threw the rain away and for a split second a small bubble of air was around him before the rain fell down again. With a heavy sigh, his breath visible in the air, T'zanith looked up as he removed his blindfold, the rain drops landing on his skin and a few landed on his eyes, those black orbs that served no other function that to be intimidating. moving his hand up he gently rubbed his eyes before he put the blindfold back on.
Then his force sight picked up the emissary of the dark lord, a robed figure but it seemed like it was simply a vessel with another's power poured into it. "T'zanith Zebron?" The figure asked it's voice sending a chill down T'zanith's spine as if icy claws had gripped his neck, earning a respectful nod from T'zanith. The figure only gestured for T'zanith to follow him and T'zanith complied, but it was as if his body was forced to comply with the figure.
They walked in silence until they reached the elaborate entrance of the sith temple were a speeder awaited them. It was piloted by a droid and once both had entered the speeder it took off and headed towards the palace of the dark lord. It was elaborate to say the least but the air felt heavy and oppressive, suffocating him as he approached the Dark Lord. This suffocating preasance in the force, he didn't look anything close to what he saw when he looked at the sith lords of the order, this was something different. If he'd have to describe it then the sith lords were like looking at stars then the dark lord was like a galaxy and a black hole rolled into one.
"You are T'zanith Zebron, young acolyte?" The voice boomed, reverberating off the walls and even inside T'zanith's head. All he could do was nod and then kneel before the figure sitting there on the throne of the sith, a position well deserved and held given the beings power. "Y-yes my lord." He then answered mustering up the courage to answer and look up at the being once again, all the while feeling like the force itself was trying to strangle him.
"Do you know why you are here?" The voice boomed once again to which T'zanith could only helplessly shake his head to. The Dark lord seemed amused by this. "Well at least you have more talent than most acolytes, who can't even look or speak to me while in my presence. Who is your teacher?" The dark lord said as he stood up and with slow methodical steps approached T'zanith. Who wished with all his being the monstrosity in the force didn't come any closer, for with each step the forces claws gripped just that much tighter around his neck. "It is Lord Sebastian... my lord." He answered hesitantly before he stood up and quickly took a few steps back away from the dark Lord but as he stepped the fifth step he couldn't move any longer. His feet clued to the alabaster floors of the palace as the being simply kept walking slowly towards him.
"That was rude little acolyte, we are having a conversation and you wish to leave so soon?" The dark lord said as he didn't move besides his slow steps, his hands behind his back and the robes obscuring the dark lords body from sight. "I've heard of your particular genetic make up and the effect it has had on your eyes and how you see the world, tell me how do I look like to you?" The dark lord said as he stood a simple step away from T'zanith as without movement his blindfold was ripped off to reveal his pitch black eyes. "A-a galaxy going supernova...." T'zanith barely could make that audible as his eyes were wide in a mixture of terror and adoration.
"A galaxy going supernova?" The dark lord repeated almost as if he was amused by the answer but then he simply batted away the conversation as it it had been a momentary fancy of his. "The reason you are here is simple. You are to be elevated from a mere acolyte to that of a knight. Will you swear fealty to me and me alone?" The statement send T'zanith's head reeling, he hadn't brought him here to kill, imprison or torture him? But to promote him. "I-I..." T'zantith said before he grew confident and clear headed as he took a single step backwards, breaking the hold the oppressive hold the dark lords mere presence had over him. "I do my lord, I shall serve as you require of me." T'zanith said as he bowed and the stood straight but what came next was a surprise.
Almost as if the dark lord had smirked he reached out and gripped T'zanith's shoulder as suddenly black lighting erupted from the dark lords palm and engulfed and seared T'zanith's shoulder. He screamed as he gripped the hand against his right collarbone. It wouldn't budge, not one bit but then suddenly it let go and T'zanith fell to his knees, one hand used as support on the floor while the other held over the burnt hole that was now in his robes.
"You have now recived the mark of Dakness and shall from this day forth be named..." The dark lord began and T'zanith looked up at him, seeing just inside his hood that his lips were curled into a smirk. "Darth Erebos." The name rang in T'zanith's ears and mind as the Dark lord walked back to his throne and a pair of servants moved to help T'zanith back to his feet. The servants however were sent back as a powerful force repulse hit them and T'zanith stood up, tall, proud and above all else powerful enough to walk out on his own.
With a respectful bow to the dark lord, he then left the palace and only once he was in the speeder, hurling through the air of coruscant's skies, he felt he could breathe again.
"You are Darth Erebos, a knight of the one sith." He said breaking the silence he had made in his room as he had remembered his meeting of the dark lord of the sith. Turning off his lightsaber and placing it on his belt he turned anad began to pack his holocrons and books into a large satchel that he then swung around his chest. His Tuk'ata puppies raising their heads up from their lair against his bed to look at him. "Khanath, Dilsya and Graradth come it is time to begin our training." He said as he headed towards the door and the puppies sprang to their feet and ran to his side.
With one last look back at his room he wondered how long it would be before he'd return to this room, for he would most likely live on his ship and not return until he had both a personal suit of armor to for defense as well as having both trained himself and the Tuk'ata's to the point he deemed himself worthy of returning and with that he flicked the switch on the wall and turned the light of in his room.
Now it was time to reforge himself, to refine the being once known as T'zanith Zebron to the deadly and powerful Darth Erebos.

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