Log 103 - The Creation Of HAELI The AI

"Begin recording of Test 58." This time instead of the command being spoken as he waited in front of the Holotermial it was said as he entered the room, where HAELI was already active. "Good morning Haeli, how are you?" Zavzen greeted. "I am fine thank you Zavzen." Haeli responed. Ever since he had allowed her access to her full programming she had come along in leaps and bounds but today was the final test. "I have one question for you today Haeli. "Are you alive?"

Haeli stared at Zavzen for a while before stammering out, "W-what do you mean?"

"Simply," replied Zavzen, "Do you feel emotion? Do you think freely? Do you wish to live? Do you wish to learn? To protect? To grow? To explore the Universe? Do you have goals? Do you feel alive? Are you a friend?"

There was silence for a while before Haeli began to smirk, then smile, then giggle, then she laughed, she laughed for a long time before stopping and answered Zavzen with a giant grin spread across her face, "Yes." She all but shouted her answer, "Yes I feel, yes I want to learn and explore, yes I'm your friend. Yes I'm alive."

"Well then," Zavzen said with genuine joy in his voice, "lets begin our adventure, my friend. Meet me in the cockpit." With that he turned and strode out of the room while behind him Haeli flickered before disappearing as the lights leading towards the cockpit tuned blue before returning to normal, one after the other.