History has proven that the thoughts of the commoner are minuscule but significant to the health of an empire. Like a virus, a single treasonous thought of defiance could grow to form into a collection of equally rebellious ideas: a spark for the flames of insurrection. The Imperial Military fights these fires in an effort to dispel them, the Imperial Security Bureau douses these flames before they may grow into an unstoppable inferno, but the Inquisitorious must wet the wood to prevent them from ever lighting in the first place.
A Jedi Knight preaching the pacifistic ways of their order, a politician coaxing their followers into an uprising, a spy intent on toppling the ways of our society; as an inquisitor, it is your responsibility to eradicate these threats to Imperialism, to stop them before they force others to begin wrongfully questioning their ideology. For if one doubt manages to slip through your fingers, it will manage to spiral into a morass of dissent and chaos.
Resistance, Defiance, and Rebellion are ideas that can no longer be allowed to persist.
Not in the past, present, or future.