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The Docs Log - 2820: "Waffles Missing!"

Araceli K. Thoris
MSM, APRM, CML - University of Coruscant, Elrood Sector. 38/10/859
Pre-Docorate, MD - University of Chandrila, Chandrila. (Disenrolled)

NRF (No Registration Found) - Modified Freighter, "The Mage"


So, this is about as basic can be. These people, well, let me back track. Met some strango in the Cantina who said he heard about me through some rumor mill and offered me a job as a crewmate. Now, I know what you're thinking - "ARACELI, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?" I know, I know, I don't even know what I was thinking. I needed some cred for my debt back on Chandrila, so why not hang with these guys for a while, right?




Not right! Not when they can't even order my fricken waffles! Or maybe the Captain ate them. He strikes me as the type who would deprive me of such a delicate treat. Those, light, fluffy waffles with the right touch of butter and the syrup from Endor - Oh my! I am drooling right now on the screen. Oh yeah, speaking of screens - I can't even video log this, their system for the medical reference is atleast 10 standard years older or more, so, I guess I can expect that the log portion would be - lacking.

I mean, I shouldn't be so harsh. I guess I can forgive forgetting them once, right?

I guess but some stuff has GOT to change. This pad for example, out, done, nope, bye! I need something that is updated to the latest and greatest. Must have!

Maybe then this won't look so bland and ick! Makes me wanna dump it into the garbage chute and be like "Oh mah gosh! I thought it was a holder for it." Or something silly, ya know? Anyways, with all the "official" mumbo jumbo at the top, regulations somewhere state I gotta end it with like, crew status and such.

Who keeps track of this anyways? I thought it was closed-circuit? I mean, I should be concerned with patient records?

Nah, they will be fine. Probably on watch lists already so, their med information is common knowledge.

I mean, I can make it common knowledge if they forget my waffles again.

Anyways, till tomorrow!

Araceli "The Doc" Thoris

Crew Status: 0 Injuried, 0 Sick, 0 Mental - although Ship Medic recommends immediate psychiatric and psychological assistance for all crew members, but doubts that it would actually be heeded. Ship Medic is to ensure positive atmosphere at all costs. 12 Crew members accounted for.
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Araceli Thoris
Araceli is an experienced, young and educated medical student who is serving as the Chief Medical Officer onboard the non-Registered vessel "The Mage". Records requested return back a service record with the New Imperial Stormtrooper Corps with a ranking of Lieutenant, and is listed as incomplete service. Author is currently listed as wanted by Imperial authorities for questioning.


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