Araceli K. Thoris
MSM, APRM, CML - University of Coruscant, Elrood Sector. 38/10/859
Pre-Docorate, MD - University of Chandrila, Chandrila. (Disenrolled)

NRF (No Registration Found) - Modified Freighter, "The Mage"


Entry is a side note, one intended for my eyes only!!!

I never told any of them about my service! None of them can know! I have to ensure it stays really out of sight. NIO has resources everywhere, so I had to change my name - well my last name.

Araceli Katarina Sinclair, Lieutenant in the Stormtrooper Corps, Medical Division. I was one of the top in my class upon graduation, assigned to the 501st. The best of the best, I mean I couldn't have gotten away with anything and not been demoted. Dress, PT, it all had to be top notch. I mean, you see it all sounds fancy but it wasn't for me. I mean, I could have made it big and high in some way because of REDACTED.

So, why did I run away?


I guess, I hide behind the bubbly disposition. I don't want anyone to see the scars I bare. I mean, I dunno. Just seems easier to keep my head up!

I hope my presence really doesn't endanger my new friends, I mean, really I doubt that the Imperial Order is looking for me...

Why would they?

Anyways, till tomorrow!

Araceli K. Thoris

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