"You can save her... and yourself[background=.[/i]"
[background=Within the miasmatic turmoil[/font][background= that singular message came back. [/font]
[background=A different man, one who had picked damnation to save a woman he loved, had broken the shackles of his limitations - with some help he had picked life and glory over a death without purpose. But now that same man; twisted, was looking on as his sister was walking: her steps seemed long, almost as if time itself was slowing down to a screeching halt.[/font]
"You can save her... and yourself."
[background=A few moments ago he would have stepped after her, followed her into oblivion without hesitation. [/font]
[background=What was life without her[/font]?[background= What was existance without her[/font][background= at his side?[/font]
[background=But power came at a cost, absolute power corrupted and twisted, and the Sith Lord simply watched on impassively as his love walked to certain doom. He leaned against the gnarled cane, it was pulsating and he just kept on watching, studying, pondering. [/font][background=And then it hit him… as she fell and her corporeal disintegrated and the ethereal rose up, Carach could see what was happening. [/size]
[background=Shadowy chains rising up from the beneath, they would take her, she would not become One with the Force… instead she would endure an eternity of torture. [/font]
[background=It wasn’t love that guided him in the end. Possessiveness, selfishness, emotions that the Dark Lord could understand, and in that singular moment - when emotions aligned with intent and understanding, did he act with an unified will.[/font]
[background=His reach: warped and extended through the force of thousands, pierced the veil and right before Neph would disappear from the face of reality itself… he snatched[/font][background= her. [/font]
[background=With a snap the chains would break.[/font]
[background=Y̨̧͝ou ̴̢a̷re̡͢͡ ̶̷̀m̵i͟n̢e[/font][background=.[/font]
[background=And then the Dark Lord vanished.[/font]