[background=News always did reach Tsair’s ears rather quickly, his network of spies and commandos collecting information wherever possible. But spies were only so much, truly there was no greater way to learn than from the mouth of the enemy, learn what made his skin crawl and his calm demeanor crack into simple disgust: the “Official Chiss Ascendancy” they called themselves now. Tsair had developed strong sentiments towards such a thing, and sitting in his office within the Hand of Thrawn he intended to make this message as clear as he possibly could. His Phalanx Commandos had gone to the world of Esfandia, taking over it’s Long Range Communication base to broadcast his message to any of those within the Galaxy who would listen.[/font]
[background=“I am Tsair’ra’Nuruodo, head of the Empire of the Hand, son of the House Nuruodo. I reach out to my kinsmen in Chiss blood and the allies of the old Ascendancy: for I must beg for you to heed my words.”[/font]
[background=“For ages past the Chiss Ascendancy, tall and proud, has stood against a great many enemies that wished to siege her borders, the Vagaari, the Killik, the Ssi-Ruuk, the slavers, despots, and scum uncountable. And she stood, unwavering in her defense. The Ascendancy as we knew it is dead: what remains is poor masquerade wearing its corpse. For the Ascendancy has thrown its lot in with this vile ilk. They dub themselves Jen’ari, just as these pretenders now dub themselves the “Official Chiss Ascendancy.”[/font]
[background=“I returned to my home some time ago, returned to this new Csilla: it was not the world we once knew, taken, warped, corrupted by these vile enemies of the very foundation of the true Ascendancy. And in the forsaken tundras and in the eyes of the traitors: I saw the truth, these pretenders of the Ascendancy can never be allowed to stand! They can not be allowed to deface what so much blood was shed to create! I have dedicated my life to building the Empire of the Hand, to building the bulwark that will strike out against the ilk that wishes to defile all that is good in our existence. And the False Ascendancy has decided it shall side with the mightiest of these threats in the modern age!”[/font]
[background=“And so the Hand is offered to all those who wish to see the Ascendancy restored, greater, mightier, purer than ever before. Those who once dubbed them kin, those who once dubbed it home, and those who once dubbed them allies: seeing now that they are lost to falsehoods and lies! And so I, Tsair’ra Nuruodo, the Son of House Nuruodo, declare that I will not rest until I witness the fall of this False Ascendancy! Till it’s leaders burn! Till the former glory of the Ascendancy is restored mightier than ever before!”[/font]
[background=And with the declaration burning in his heart, Tsair ended his transmission. Waiting to see whoever would rise to join in his quest to see the False Ascendancy burn, and like a phoenix, be reborn. The clock to war had finally reached its final moments.[/font]